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Post 100


Dear reader, follower, liker, fellow bloger. When I started this blog a little more than a year ago, I had the ambition to write one hundred posts in one year. I didn’t reach that but it was not important. To have the goal was important but when I understod that I wasn’t gonna reach it I was not overwhelmed by the fact. Now that I am writing it, no 100, I do feel a little proud  for keeping it up. I am extremely happy for likes, comments, followers etc. from all over the planet. You do not represent a huge amount of people but I am happy and honored for those of you finding my writing interresting. I am also happy for finding the blogs I have decided to follow, to read, commenting and liking. I have found a great new big world giving me a lot of inspiration, ideas and support. But,  I also had performance anxiety for what to write in my no 100. What was I to write about? A poem? A story? A reflection? A reblog? Or. Maybe I will tell you what it has meant to me. It has meant that  I decided to apply and be accepted for the writingcourse I am involved in over this year on university level.  It has meant that I have been on two weekend courses in writing. It has meant that I have found a substitute for music since I stopped teaching and playing the guitar six years ago. I haven’t touched it. It has meant that I have found new friends due to the new arena I’m in and due to the time-space that has opened up. As a conclusion: changing path and direction in life has given me new energy, nurtured my curiosity and a new mening in life. /Sten


Cărtărescu words

Dear reader.
I’m in bed with a cold. I have time (and energy) to read (and write a little).
I get better when I read lines like these, from Mircea Cărtărescu, “Travesti”


“I lay down in the grass and let the constellations veil fall over my face. I was an hourglass with stardust that slowly trickled through my pupils and slowly filled the skull with myths and fairy animals and pale star coolness.”

My own amateur translation

Laughing at myself!

I wish I could, but I can’t see the fun. I wish I could see my actions with a humerous eye, but I can’t. Ar least, I don’t think I can. Listen! On a weekend writingcourse, our teacher asked us what we, specifically, wanted to develop. My answer was: “I want to be able to write in a humerous way. To make people smile, even to laugh, as a reaktion to my words.”
My coursefriends raises their eyes in surprise, “you do that already, haven’t you noticed?”, and I hadn’t notised! They surprised me! I don’t consider myself as a funny person. I have never seen myself as a funny person, and I still don’t, but I think I need to change that.  Looking back, I see that my words  have elicited laughter and smile,  but I haven’t noticed!  I didn’t notice! How come?
So. Now I have learnt, that I can make other smile, and even laugh with my writing. Now I want to learn to watch myself from outside, from another wiev, and write what I see in a humerous way. Look at my self with a humerous eye. With a smile. With a laugh, and then I want to be able to describe what I see with a humerous writing technique. To make others smile or even laugh. That is a dream. My question to you: How!  I need you help.  /sten

Writing in solitude

This coming weekend I have decided to spend three days in solitude in an apartment borrowed from a friend. It´s part of my writingcourse at Uni. Deadline on friday and from then reading the texts from my fellow students will be my main goal.

During this stay I will also go for walks in the nearby naturepark, go running and making good meals. I will be very disciplined and start and stop writing at a set time.

Watching OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATV is forbidden. Sharing time with anyone else then my self also prohibited.

My only friend will be my computer, my bed will be my rescue and the outside will be an energycatcher.

Good luck to me. 🙂

Writingcourse #2

This weekend I spent at ÖsteråsenDSC_0759[1],  a rehab and course center in the middle of sweden with a splendid view of the river Ångermanälven in Ångermanland. Very beautiful wievs and nice walkingpaths. The food served is vegetarian and it’s possible to take part in yoga,  mindfulness and many other activities.
In april I attended the writingcourse they arrange. Then we were eleven pupils. This time we were five, all five from the april course. The same teacher as then.So we were a safe group knowing eachother. For this occasion we had written a short text. This text was sent two weeks before to the course members. During the weekend we read and discussed these texts and practiced writing in challenging tasks. An example: begin your story with “if I hadn’t….” and write for ten minutes. Another ex: we got two playingcards,  one with a picture, one with a wird: write a story inspired by these. Last: write an autumn poem. Many other short excercises was laid before us.  Summery of the writingweekend is: fun, challenging and lot of learning. It’s possible to see that we all have a personal writingstyle. How much we write,  structured/unstructured etc. One thing that surprised me was that what I write and when I read it makes people laugh. It’s not my intention when I write or read but they laugh,  spontane. It’s a new experiance to me. Im not familiar with that reaktion byt I must learn to use it to my benefit. Well. That’s all for now.  Take care. /sten