Cărtărescu words

Dear reader.
I’m in bed with a cold. I have time (and energy) to read (and write a little).
I get better when I read lines like these, from Mircea Cărtărescu, “Travesti”


“I lay down in the grass and let the constellations veil fall over my face. I was an hourglass with stardust that slowly trickled through my pupils and slowly filled the skull with myths and fairy animals and pale star coolness.”

My own amateur translation

The words, le mots!

It´s wonderful, all the bloggers, tweaters and FB friends/like´s sharing quotes, links, books, words, definitions.

Today I stumbled over this qoute, reading the blogs I follow

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I´m possible”!

Thanks to http://otrazhenie.wordpress.com/ … 

Words open new possibilities
defining life
the world
the reality,…
love them
love makes it possible
to write,
I´m possible!