Why and for who?

I ask myself. I don´t write long posts and I am a little minimalistic as a person. When I took a course in musiccomposition my teacher asked me why I always wrote short pieces. All my exercises at the course ended up in short extracts of music. That was me at the time. I don´t take much space so to say. I am small. Silent. I have never had big things (like cars, houses, animals etc). I am lightweighted ( I was always the lightest in my class growing up) – so I have my story of smallness. But I demand a lot – of myself. I ask a lot of myself. Always to be better than I am at the specific moment. Dissatisfied with what I do, what I have done and what I will do. But I have learnt to accept it and be friends with that. More and more the older I become. So why write a Blog? Who do I think I am? Who will be interrested? Do I have anything to say? Is my life and my words from my mind and life interresting for anyone else? Well the answer is here – in me writing this blog. Why? Well I wanna write – really – and having a blog is a good reason for writing. A blog with nothing in it is quite dull – and I’m not dull. I can be quite fun at times (and not only when I’m drunk). Why? Teach me to take space and not censor my self is another reason. I read other blogs (what a wonderful world this is, thanks to the God of Blog) – and get inspired by what I read. I practice in spreading my words over a wide area of digital space and somewhere in that worddjungle someone somewhere may find something of interrest. The more I write the more likely it is that somthing in the text is interresting, challenging, threatening and many more -ning words to someone somewhere. In writing this text I was inspired by a blog I read just five minutes before I started writing. A blog with many word, sometimes to many in my taste, so I jumped over pieces of text to come forward. Thats a way of reading that I dont use much – but should/must. For who? I have no idea? I suppose other bloggers who are interrested in the written word could have a slight interrest in how I use the written word? The blogs I follow / read are about writing, text, sharing experiances. The blogworld is heavensent for me. I have been looking for a writingpurpose and here it is. And I am in great company – my blogcollegues. Thanks for your time, your interrest, your knowledge, you companionship, your followship. Thanks for beeing here and thanks for beeing. STOP