In the peace….

…of the library. This wonderful place where I can spend time among books, newspapers,


magazines, people. No demands except from within (and to return the books in time). Today is my day, with writing my ten stories from Camino de Santiago. It’s progressing fine. Reading my journals, watching my photos and putting the words together as I’m collecting my memories. Memories from four years, 34 days on the go, four chapters on the Camino. Burgos to Leon. Leon to Santiago. St. Jean Pied de Port to Burgos. Finally Santiago to Fisterra and finally finishing in Muxia. Blisters and a protesting body. Meeting exceptional people. Dramatic views. Healthy exercise. Personal development. Deep talks. Sharing of life experiences and wisdom. It’s so much included in these thirtyfour days of physical and mental challenge. All I can say is:  if someday you start thinking of doing the Camino don’t hesitate, do it! My challenge now is to put the words and memories together in a manner that may be interesting to my fellow humans to read. I wish I can inspire others to take the necessary steps.
This is my day.