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I’ve been gone…

If you haven’t noticed I’ve had a two week break from posting here. My time and energy has been needed elsewhere and I haven’t been able to focus on writing – nor here nor on my bookproject! I wish I could write when I’m in the middle of a turmoil but I need the distance to be able to express what I feel and what I’m going through.

I have been thinking of and planning for the minimalist path that I have begun. As in all growthprocesses there comes different periods – at this moment I’m reading. I’m not doing much action really. I’m looking for inspiration and methods, catching ideas and collecting examples, reading books (“Clutterfree” by Courtner Carver and Leo Babauta) and blogs. BTW – Today I found these swedish blogs (for my swedish readers) – 1, 2,  – the first ones in swedish that I’ve found (do you know other swedish blogs on this theme?) It is a great inspiration to help me take the next steps in the decluttering of my environment and in simplifying my life. It is like climbing stairs or hillwalking. You need to stop catching your breath. You need to stop for taking care of your blisters. You need to stop to get that energy again. It is not like a never ending upgoing arrow. It’s life and it’s nature.  ...in the flow...

Back to the fact that I have had a  break – dramatic things happen and life stops for a while. It is nessecary to STOP and step out of the flowing everyday rush and to allow myself to focus to be HERE and NOW. To be available and open for immediate action. Important to take care of the close relations. Breaks are good for the writing. I collect energy, ideas and create a need. A need to write and to communicate. To be able to share and collect.

Soon I have been blogging for six months. I am still new and learning. It is a very interresting world that has opened up to me and I’m still very curious. Thank you for all your inspirational writings in blogs and books. Please feel free to reflect upon my thoughts. They are more than welcome.

Until next week – take care.


Getting rid of books and….

Today I continue my travel towards a minimalistic lifestyle. The bookmountain beside my bed is gone and many books in the bookshelf to. It is relatively easy to say goodbye to books. Books that I have read years ago have left some kind of mark on me but I will not read them again. Giftbooks though – I decide to keep them – they are reminders and I can’t leave them (now).
After the books I continue to copies and stuff from courses I’ve done. I empty the binders filled with paper and slides – into the bin. From my career as musicteacher I have loads of copies of notes – In the bin. Some of the musicbooks will be nice gifts to my collegues. I feel lighter and lighter for every step I take. I become more and more skilled in letting things go. I am certain that all the stuff I have round me saddens me and holds me back. The more stuff I leave the quicker I go.

Is it possible to live a minimalistic life and work in a place with stress and pressure?

I work a lot,  especially this last year but even the last three four years it´s been a lot.To much! From different reasons. Normally I can be very intense –  very intense, involved and creative with ideas and activities running in my head. After these periods of high activity I enter into a zombie like state. High peaks and deep lows..   At work I have the ambition to clear the work area from clutter and paper and post-it notes…………but I realize I have a long path to walk. I will make it. I have made it. I walked the camino in spain over a few years! It’s hard to see me as a minimalist when I am busy in my life. That is maybe the reason why I want to develop a minimalistic lifestyle. Why I fell enchanted by this lifestyle. Why I will walk the talk. That is the reason!  It’s difficult though. Our home is relaxed. It´s like coming back to the village after a ride in the woods fighting the enemy or hunting.  I lite a fire. Read. Listen to music. Take a walk. Run. I wrote a tweet  – “I’m in a tsunami! The wave is haunting me and threatens to drown me. I need air!”. Then I go to my running shoes and clothes and walked/run for 45 minutes. I was lifted from my low state of mind and saw the world with more positive eyes. Thanks to this essay from the minimalists How To Make a Damn Decision  I found the clue. To walk the talk. It’s all about the small fraction of a second that it takes to overcome the threshold, the barrier, the hinder. Going from a should to a must. Once I have overcome this resistance the rest is easy. Really easy. And I have changed. Just a little – but I have changed. Well done. Keep it up. /Sten