A memory

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Distant memories awake
Voices from history
Whisper in my ear
From my canthus a tear

Always unprepared
As a lightning
From a clear sky
Whipe me dry

My speed is lost
My soul’s drowned
Need a rest
Is this a test?

May I go clear?
Finding my path
Walking in peace
Will it ever cease?

Finding the solitude
Space for a thought
Cleaning my mind
I must be kind

Finale is close
Commin’ on strong
Worries wipe away
You’ll lead me astray


Finale is here
Commin’ on strong
Worries wipe away
You’ll lead me





Suddenly – the black

In a song
it came
it came back to me                       Bild
been gone
giving the rest I needed
welcome dear friend
where have you been
so long gone
I´ve managed well
still I have missed
you, dear friend
the wet on my shoulder
on my skin
times passed
long ago
almost gone
but not
but not
welcome to my house
door is open
wide open
a short
short moment
of time
I sense the presence
over my shoulder

the wet
comes over me
I had imagined
it was gone
it was
back again
a short moment
of time