Laughing at myself!

I wish I could, but I can’t see the fun. I wish I could see my actions with a humerous eye, but I can’t. Ar least, I don’t think I can. Listen! On a weekend writingcourse, our teacher asked us what we, specifically, wanted to develop. My answer was: “I want to be able to write in a humerous way. To make people smile, even to laugh, as a reaktion to my words.”
My coursefriends raises their eyes in surprise, “you do that already, haven’t you noticed?”, and I hadn’t notised! They surprised me! I don’t consider myself as a funny person. I have never seen myself as a funny person, and I still don’t, but I think I need to change that.  Looking back, I see that my words  have elicited laughter and smile,  but I haven’t noticed!  I didn’t notice! How come?
So. Now I have learnt, that I can make other smile, and even laugh with my writing. Now I want to learn to watch myself from outside, from another wiev, and write what I see in a humerous way. Look at my self with a humerous eye. With a smile. With a laugh, and then I want to be able to describe what I see with a humerous writing technique. To make others smile or even laugh. That is a dream. My question to you: How!  I need you help.  /sten