Enjoying freetime

Im laying on the sofa. It’s free this evening :-). Just enjoying moments of nothing to do. Sting comes to me from the speaker. I should be writing an ugly, awful text for Uni, but, it can wait. I feel so good here on the Sofa. It’s dark outside. I read my sons Blog http://melvinochpappan.wordpress.com/2013/10/24/sen-repetition/,
He has a newly born babychild, just three weeks old. So cute and longed for! 
The work days are filled from bottom to top with exciting, fresh, challenging, healthy, interresting things to do. It’s a treat to be able just to relax at home, doing nothing, thinking about nothing and I don’t feel bad doing nothing. Nothing does me well. Well, nothing does me. Me does nothing well. Does nothing do me well?  Yes I think so. Im sure it does me well. I can feel it now. My mind becomes free and I can scrible these words on my small cellphone Keyboard.  They come as they are and I don’t judge whats comming as I also try not to judge anything that comes my way. People. Words. Thoughts. Judgments from outside/inside. This us what is happening in this moment with me on this wonderful sofa. By for now. /sten