It’s christmas again

I wish all my friends and readers a blissful, brilliant christmas. Be kind to yourself and to everyone in your vicinity. Think nice and warm thoughts. Spread hope, love and forgiveness. Take time to sit without any other aim than to be free, reflect, let your thoughts come and go like clouds on a summer sky. Why not read that book/see the film you were recommended. Take a walk and enjoy the weather if it’s sunny, rain, cold, snow or what. Enjoy your health as it is. Do things that’s good for you. Remember, you are the expert of your own life, the one life we are given (as far as we know). A site I want to share is Timber Hawkeye’s Buddhist Boot Camp, great short chapters with ” something inspirational that people today would not only have the attention span to read all the way through”. I will conclude this post with Be Greatful! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, blissful holydays.

Life is pretty pretty good

From now and eleven days on I’m of work to celebrate Christmas and new year. I started of with a great meal with my vife at a local Italian restaurant. Back home I sent a Christmas gift to our children -I gave five warm blankets to children that really needs them – here. December has been a giving month as for me. I started my58thbirthdaychallange inspiring friends and family to donate money to water project in developing nations. Only ten days left so its not to late for you to donate from your abundance dear reader.
When I come to think of it I’m sure its the result of my new direction and changing lifestyle. To clear my home from clutter is rewarding. I also avoid the shopping hysteria that puts focus on me, my self, to giving solace and distract me from the world problems. Problems WE must solve together. I think my changing lifestyle changes my focus and give space to think what’s really important.  Time spent on donating and charing is better spent than shopping stuff. I’m feeling better and satisfied.  Merry Christmas
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