This sunday I took part in a city retreat in Stockholm. IMY, the institute for Medicinsk Yoga. The theme was yoga, chakrabalance. The seven chakras and moves for balancing them.
I arrived in good time before the start. After paying the fee I found a place in the room on a nice, new, woolblanket. As I lay down with my eyes closed I listen to the other participants arriving.
Prompt nine o’clock Sara begins guiding us through the day.
First of all we find our breathing. Filling our belly and chest all the way up to the collarbone in a deep, deep breath.
Sitting in simple yoga position we begin balancing the chakras.
1 Root
We start rotating the hip clock wise. Breath in when rotating to the right and breath out även we rotate the second half of the circle. We do this one/two minutes then the same counter clock wise.
2 Sexual
Now we sit on our knees with our heels under the bottom. Hands holding the front wrist. Then begin flexing the spine. Breathing in while flexing forward, breathing out while flexing backward.
3 Belly
Still sitting on the knees and our hands on the thigh we flex the spine. Breathing in and out flexing forward and backword.

These three chakras are very important to have in balance since they have a big influence on the other chakras.

4 Heart
For this chakra, that works like a connection between the first three and the last three, we lay our hands on the shoulders with the fingers facing front. On breathing in, rotate the body to the left, breathing out, rotate to the right. Don’t overdo the twist. It mustn’t hurt.
5 Neck
For this chakra we imagine having a chalk on our jaw drawing circles. First small circles getting bigger and bigger. Breath in the first half and breath our the second half. Change direction.
6 Third eye
For this chakra we stand on the knees and hands flexing the spine. While flexing down we breath in and the face looking up. Flexing up look down and breath out.
7 Top
For the topchakra, interlace your fingers and place them above the crown of the haed. In this position begin the “breath of fire” and continue this for one to three minutes.

This was the great part of the cityretreat. We also did a gong meditation, and we used the voice.
The retreat was all in silence. I bought a twelve week yoga program developed by Sara. Four CD’s. I will use that to start practising yoga as an everyday practise. Research says that short yoga sessions everyday is better than few long sessions. Then I have my hatha-yoga class on wednesdays and saturdays, and the short sessions following Sara’s CD instructions.

I feel grateful and happy to have found and connected to yoga, giving me energy, openess and a flexibel body, soul and mind.

A cityretreat

BildThis passed weekend I was in the capital on a cityretreat, in silence.

Meditation, yoga, breathing, chakra.
Since five years back, I have been practising yoga and meditation. Ashtanga and Hatha. At this moment I do Hatha-yoga wich I find beeing a silent and calm yoga variant.
At the cityretreat I learnt a series of positions good for balancing the seven chakras in my body: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.
What I found all the most wonderful was gong-meditation. The leadar played on two big gongs whilewe were meditating. The sound of the gongs, very harmonic and kind to the ears, filled the whole room, every inch,  my body was totaly filled with the sound and my brain to. It was my best meditation experiance ever, until we did the singing meditation. With background music we sang  together and a bright, glorious feeling of happiness came to me. The feeling of togetherness was total and I was ready to….

If you ever have the chance I must recommend this.