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This Blog 2014!?


It´s become 2014. The year 2014. 60 years ago, in december, a babychild is born (me). Last year I became grandfather to a boy – Melvin – http://melvinochpappan.wordpress.com/ – and the blog had been running for a year (in september). The first post that I wrote visiting a healthcenter – Österåsen sanatorium – over a weekend. My wife was attending a weekendpaintingcourse and I was having two days relax.

This year feels like a year of big happenings.

  • My 60th birthday in december. Today I have no idea on how to celebrate this occasion – if I will and if how, I have no idea.
  • My Caminowalk. I hope and will strive for that during the summer 2014. Most propably along the Camino Norte that I bagan last year going from Irun to Bilbao. I will follow, day by day, My Camino de Santiago, Nev walking from Prague to Santiago, beginning on christmas day 2013.
  • My health. In late december I was on a routinecheckup for my heart. Three years ago my doctor heard a heart murmur. We have been following this for three years every six months and it has accelarated. We are discussing an operation this year. If this becomes a reality you will surely hear from me here.
  • Yoga and meditation. Is connected to my health. My aim for this year is to do more of this. The 19th of january I will visit Stockholm for a chakrayoga day. My vife and I will keep on going to the mondayevening meditations. I will keep reading/following Amanda Green Yoga, The approximate yogi.
  • Minimalism. I will continue clearing clutter, reding blogs, books and  papers.
  • My Blog. Until now I have been using the free wordpress blog tool. In february I aim to migrate it to here. This will give me more facilities, tools and posibilities to adapt the blog the way I want and be able to connect even more.
    I have a new domain – http://www.trynomore.se – with this service provider (one.com).
    I send my gratitide to my daughter for help in this matter.
    So. For you following me and everyone else reading “trynomore”, keep on following/reading and you´ll know when to change. 

Welcome to my 2014!


The simple life on the camino


Six times in spain walking. Six times and something like 45-50 days. Thousand steps. Hundreds of liters with water down the throat and meeting people from all over the world sharing lifestories, sharing problems and joys, asking for help, beeing helped, prayer and tears, happiness and sadness and more. Still it´s an easy life. Not many possessions to carry around in the backpack just the necessary: underwear, Bildsocks, toiletries, a hat, sunglases, waterbottle, guidebook, towel, long- and short-trousers, sleeping sheet, poncho, moneybelt, a fleece, that´s about it. Seven kilo. I have my mobile with me and it is closed over the day, only open in the evening when I can read or send a message to home. It is a wonderful life, in the nature, walking. The tempo is the best for really appreciating it, the nature. Four to five km an hour and still it´s time to stop for a swim, put the feet in a cold stream, stop to look for a flower, talk with a pony or a donkey, stop at a café for a café con leche and a bocadillo or tortilla espanola, something to eat.
When arriving at the days stop/albergue or pension or where I will sleep, could be a cloister, could be a chapell, could be a church, it could even be in the portico.Bild

The routine is to wash, clothes and body and care for the feet. Then a nice siesta before we eat our dinner. This dinner could be from the hosts. Like on 25 th july, St. Jakobs day, we were served a mixed dinner in the basement of the albergue. We were something like thirty/forty pilgrims, we´ve never met before, having a great time together up until ten, when the lights go of and silence is decreed. Or at another time we shop together and cook in the kitchen and serve ourselves good food. The comming morning up at five thirty/six o’clock. Grab a bit and off we go again. A new day has come, maybe we meet the sunrise and the little chilly morning is slowly changing into a hot day with the sun shining on our skin forcing the sweat out from our bodies into the eyes, salty water, hard. Going uphill and downhill over and over again. Climbing picas to se the marvelous landscape and the basque country, navarre, galicia, asturias. It is an easy life that helpes comming close to my self and others. The openness and trust is so relaxant for the soul and the mind it opens up spaces in the inner that is hidden in the everyday life where we always have distractions stopping us from digging deeper and deeper into our selves. It is a spiritual and a physical journey and the two can not be without the other. They are one, dependent of the other, no one more or less important tha the other. They nourish eachother. They help one another to grow. I love this life, and for every year I become better and better at bringing the experiences into my life back home. Now that I know I can have a good life with less, I find it easier to withstand the allurements from the comsumtion industry. I know what I need and it´s less than I thought many years ago.


Going to spain – again.

Today I leave sweden for spain.  I will  walk for a week from Irun to  Bilbao along the Camino Norte.  In the heat on the countryside beside the Atlantic ocean.
It’s the sixth year since 2007 that I’m in spain walking. I had a break last year.  2007 –  2011 I walked the french way,  camino de Santiago,  the way of st. James,  there’s many names for it. Two years ago (2011) me and my vife walked along the costa brava wich was very  nice. That year I also walked a  small portion of La Francigena in italy with my friends Manfredo and Martin. But this year its Camino Norte. I really look forward to this.  The nature. The food.  People,  and the walking. The walking us so good for thinking, reflecting. Six hours a day.  Starting early with the sunrise.  Arriving in small villages for a cafe’ con leche y una bocadillo.  Jummy.  Usually my feet and the rest of the body handles the walk well and I hope the same this year.  In any case I will take good care of them.
Looking back like this I realize that its been a lot of focus on walking  these last seven years.  I did make a challenging promise when I got fifty.  I promise myself a change and to add things into my life.  To do things I hadnt done before.  Like beeing part of a theatregroup, like walking, like writing.  What has it given to me? New friends,  new experiances, new views, brodered my self image, given me a greater understanding of my capabilities,  a wonderful and positive learning that life doesnt end at fifty.  No way.  It begins every day.  Every morning.  Every second minute hour. I have learnt that if and when I challenge my fears I grow and life opens up in its glory.  I have learnt that when I listen to much for the dontdothat’ers my life becomes boring and negative and I do not live at its full potential. Now I have ten days with myself and the spanish landscape an culture.  I wish myself good luck and enjoy.