This Blog 2014!?


It´s become 2014. The year 2014. 60 years ago, in december, a babychild is born (me). Last year I became grandfather to a boy – Melvin – – and the blog had been running for a year (in september). The first post that I wrote visiting a healthcenter – Österåsen sanatorium – over a weekend. My wife was attending a weekendpaintingcourse and I was having two days relax.

This year feels like a year of big happenings.

  • My 60th birthday in december. Today I have no idea on how to celebrate this occasion – if I will and if how, I have no idea.
  • My Caminowalk. I hope and will strive for that during the summer 2014. Most propably along the Camino Norte that I bagan last year going from Irun to Bilbao. I will follow, day by day, My Camino de Santiago, Nev walking from Prague to Santiago, beginning on christmas day 2013.
  • My health. In late december I was on a routinecheckup for my heart. Three years ago my doctor heard a heart murmur. We have been following this for three years every six months and it has accelarated. We are discussing an operation this year. If this becomes a reality you will surely hear from me here.
  • Yoga and meditation. Is connected to my health. My aim for this year is to do more of this. The 19th of january I will visit Stockholm for a chakrayoga day. My vife and I will keep on going to the mondayevening meditations. I will keep reading/following Amanda Green Yoga, The approximate yogi.
  • Minimalism. I will continue clearing clutter, reding blogs, books and  papers.
  • My Blog. Until now I have been using the free wordpress blog tool. In february I aim to migrate it to here. This will give me more facilities, tools and posibilities to adapt the blog the way I want and be able to connect even more.
    I have a new domain – – with this service provider (
    I send my gratitide to my daughter for help in this matter.
    So. For you following me and everyone else reading “trynomore”, keep on following/reading and you´ll know when to change. 

Welcome to my 2014!


11 Things that made me go “Wow!” on the Camino de Santiago

A reminder of the great life on Camino de Santiago.

El Camino de Santiago de Compostela

11 things that made me go “Wow!” on the Camino Francés-French Way:

1. Fellow pilgrims.
Without a doubt the main attraction for me on the Camino were my fellow pilgrims and I was so lucky to meet simply incredible human beings who showed me that there is hope for humanity if only we could all meet on the Camino and share our human ability for understanding, compassion, encouragement, and mutual respect. I met pilgrims from all age groups, different countries, and from different backgrounds. On the Camino I only found wonderful people who were open to listen and open to being listened to.

2. Physical fitness.
Towards the end of my Camino I often ran for short periods because I had so much adrenalin pumping through my system and I felt SO fit and healthy. In the mornings I always woke up with tired feet and legs, but after 5…

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Going to spain – again.

Today I leave sweden for spain.  I will  walk for a week from Irun to  Bilbao along the Camino Norte.  In the heat on the countryside beside the Atlantic ocean.
It’s the sixth year since 2007 that I’m in spain walking. I had a break last year.  2007 –  2011 I walked the french way,  camino de Santiago,  the way of st. James,  there’s many names for it. Two years ago (2011) me and my vife walked along the costa brava wich was very  nice. That year I also walked a  small portion of La Francigena in italy with my friends Manfredo and Martin. But this year its Camino Norte. I really look forward to this.  The nature. The food.  People,  and the walking. The walking us so good for thinking, reflecting. Six hours a day.  Starting early with the sunrise.  Arriving in small villages for a cafe’ con leche y una bocadillo.  Jummy.  Usually my feet and the rest of the body handles the walk well and I hope the same this year.  In any case I will take good care of them.
Looking back like this I realize that its been a lot of focus on walking  these last seven years.  I did make a challenging promise when I got fifty.  I promise myself a change and to add things into my life.  To do things I hadnt done before.  Like beeing part of a theatregroup, like walking, like writing.  What has it given to me? New friends,  new experiances, new views, brodered my self image, given me a greater understanding of my capabilities,  a wonderful and positive learning that life doesnt end at fifty.  No way.  It begins every day.  Every morning.  Every second minute hour. I have learnt that if and when I challenge my fears I grow and life opens up in its glory.  I have learnt that when I listen to much for the dontdothat’ers my life becomes boring and negative and I do not live at its full potential. Now I have ten days with myself and the spanish landscape an culture.  I wish myself good luck and enjoy. 

In the peace….

…of the library. This wonderful place where I can spend time among books, newspapers,


magazines, people. No demands except from within (and to return the books in time). Today is my day, with writing my ten stories from Camino de Santiago. It’s progressing fine. Reading my journals, watching my photos and putting the words together as I’m collecting my memories. Memories from four years, 34 days on the go, four chapters on the Camino. Burgos to Leon. Leon to Santiago. St. Jean Pied de Port to Burgos. Finally Santiago to Fisterra and finally finishing in Muxia. Blisters and a protesting body. Meeting exceptional people. Dramatic views. Healthy exercise. Personal development. Deep talks. Sharing of life experiences and wisdom. It’s so much included in these thirtyfour days of physical and mental challenge. All I can say is:  if someday you start thinking of doing the Camino don’t hesitate, do it! My challenge now is to put the words and memories together in a manner that may be interesting to my fellow humans to read. I wish I can inspire others to take the necessary steps.
This is my day.

Writing the book

DSC_0472Today is the second monday that I’m free spending my day writing. My goal is to write ten stories from my memories of Camino de Santiago from 2007 and four  years on. I have the pictures and the diary to help me. My memory fills in the rest. I have decided not to stop myself but to write everything that comes to my mind (normal). I must not be my own censor now. Later I will do all the adjustments, deletions, additions, restructuring. It’s nice to have this goal. It’s nessecary. Essential. To me. I start the day with a long walk. That´s when my brain starts working. Ideas come and go. I begin writing at ten. Break for lunch. Stop writing at five pm. I need this structure otherwise I will begin to procrastinate. I also need to have a tidy desk. At this moment I’m not satisfied with the writingenvironment. But I am new in this and I know that I slowly will organize it. I don’t want to be disturbed so I have killed my phone and my internet (except when I need help with facts, synonyms etc). Inspiration comes when I write. It’s like unraveling a skein. First I don’t know where to begin. I’m searching for the beginning. When I finally find it it often goes well for a while but then it stops again (a yarn not).  I force myself to take breaks doing things like coffee and a bisquit, looking out the window, food for the cat, listening to sounds from outside, take a walk. My brain wants change, variety and surprises. And I have this wonderful goal – publishing. Why is this important? Why can’t I just write for my self? For my own pleasure? Well it is my own pleasure too – of course. To have this goal gives writing a nerve. A motivation to do it well and good. I don’t know how I will do this or if it will be possible but I have begun to travel and I don’t know where the journey will end or wich road I will go. Terrifying and exciting.

– (some of) my dreams –

– I have a dream that I someday will write and publish a bookImage
– I have a dream that I someday will be volunteer in a foreign country
– I have a dream that I someday will walk Camino de Santiago as a whole without a break 
– I have a dream that I someday will be able to show my true self in every possible situation
– I have a dream that I someday will have peace of mind and be content with what life comes with
– I have a dream that I someday will stop judging
– I have a dream that I someday will not know where my self begins or ends
– I have a dream that I someday always will give without asking for anything in return
– I have a dream that I someday will give love without demand
– I have a dream that I someday will be part of a forcefull global stream of people making our earth to the heavenly place it is in it’s right to be