“Conversations with God”


wpid-20130804_121824.jpgToday I recieved my copy of Naele Donald Walsch´s well recommended “Conversations with God”. A number of sites – “Buddhist Boot Camp” I remember – has it as a recommended book to read for it´s filiosophical and open uncomplicated nature (though there are some very complicated reasoning in this first chapter that I have read so far).

I want to share with you the parts and sentences that I underlined during the reading and that cought my interrest.

  • “The best prayer is never a pray to recieve somtething but a prayer of gratitude”
  • “…what you know is what is shown as your reality”
  • “you are given the choice to do what you want with your life”
  • “Every human thought and act comes from either a feeling of love or fear. There is no other human motivation…”
  • “There is no other meaning of life, which apply to you and all other living, and that is to experience complete bliss”
  • “Therefore, don´t try to find who you are, try instead to define who you want to be”
  • “…you can not experience yourself who you are before you know who you´re NOT”
  • “Don´t judge the karma path someone takes.. Don´t envy success, and don´t pity missfortune as you do not know what is success or failure in the soul’s final bill”
  • “Every circumstance is a gift and every experience is a hidden treasure”
  • “And remember that your biggest trial may be your biggest triumph”
  • “It is much easier to change what you do yourself than to change what somone else does”
  • “As long as you nourish the thought that there is something/somebody out-there “doing” things towards you, you deprive yourself the power of doing something about it”
  • “The way to diminish the the pain you attach to worldly experiences and events – you own and others – is to change the way you look at them”
  • “Something is only right or wrong because you say it is so. There is nothing right or wrong in it self”
  • “Feeling is the force that attracts. What you feel great fear of, that you will experience”

It’s christmas again

I wish all my friends and readers a blissful, brilliant christmas. Be kind to yourself and to everyone in your vicinity. Think nice and warm thoughts. Spread hope, love and forgiveness. Take time to sit without any other aim than to be free, reflect, let your thoughts come and go like clouds on a summer sky. Why not read that book/see the film you were recommended. Take a walk and enjoy the weather if it’s sunny, rain, cold, snow or what. Enjoy your health as it is. Do things that’s good for you. Remember, you are the expert of your own life, the one life we are given (as far as we know). A site I want to share is Timber Hawkeye’s Buddhist Boot Camp, great short chapters with ” something inspirational that people today would not only have the attention span to read all the way through”. I will conclude this post with Be Greatful! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, blissful holydays.