This Blog 2014!?


It´s become 2014. The year 2014. 60 years ago, in december, a babychild is born (me). Last year I became grandfather to a boy – Melvin – – and the blog had been running for a year (in september). The first post that I wrote visiting a healthcenter – Österåsen sanatorium – over a weekend. My wife was attending a weekendpaintingcourse and I was having two days relax.

This year feels like a year of big happenings.

  • My 60th birthday in december. Today I have no idea on how to celebrate this occasion – if I will and if how, I have no idea.
  • My Caminowalk. I hope and will strive for that during the summer 2014. Most propably along the Camino Norte that I bagan last year going from Irun to Bilbao. I will follow, day by day, My Camino de Santiago, Nev walking from Prague to Santiago, beginning on christmas day 2013.
  • My health. In late december I was on a routinecheckup for my heart. Three years ago my doctor heard a heart murmur. We have been following this for three years every six months and it has accelarated. We are discussing an operation this year. If this becomes a reality you will surely hear from me here.
  • Yoga and meditation. Is connected to my health. My aim for this year is to do more of this. The 19th of january I will visit Stockholm for a chakrayoga day. My vife and I will keep on going to the mondayevening meditations. I will keep reading/following Amanda Green Yoga, The approximate yogi.
  • Minimalism. I will continue clearing clutter, reding blogs, books and  papers.
  • My Blog. Until now I have been using the free wordpress blog tool. In february I aim to migrate it to here. This will give me more facilities, tools and posibilities to adapt the blog the way I want and be able to connect even more.
    I have a new domain – – with this service provider (
    I send my gratitide to my daughter for help in this matter.
    So. For you following me and everyone else reading “trynomore”, keep on following/reading and you´ll know when to change. 

Welcome to my 2014!


Post 100


Dear reader, follower, liker, fellow bloger. When I started this blog a little more than a year ago, I had the ambition to write one hundred posts in one year. I didn’t reach that but it was not important. To have the goal was important but when I understod that I wasn’t gonna reach it I was not overwhelmed by the fact. Now that I am writing it, no 100, I do feel a little proud  for keeping it up. I am extremely happy for likes, comments, followers etc. from all over the planet. You do not represent a huge amount of people but I am happy and honored for those of you finding my writing interresting. I am also happy for finding the blogs I have decided to follow, to read, commenting and liking. I have found a great new big world giving me a lot of inspiration, ideas and support. But,  I also had performance anxiety for what to write in my no 100. What was I to write about? A poem? A story? A reflection? A reblog? Or. Maybe I will tell you what it has meant to me. It has meant that  I decided to apply and be accepted for the writingcourse I am involved in over this year on university level.  It has meant that I have been on two weekend courses in writing. It has meant that I have found a substitute for music since I stopped teaching and playing the guitar six years ago. I haven’t touched it. It has meant that I have found new friends due to the new arena I’m in and due to the time-space that has opened up. As a conclusion: changing path and direction in life has given me new energy, nurtured my curiosity and a new mening in life. /Sten


More quotes from ” The monk who sold his Ferrari”

If you haven´t read the book I must recommend that you do´.

  • “Even if you don´t like it, look in the mirror and laugh for a couple of minutes”
  • “Your self-image is a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts”
  • “happiness is a journey, not a destination”_DSC1106
  • “The ten-minute period before you sleep and the ten minute period after you wake up are profoundly influential on your subconcious mind”
  • “find out what you truly love to do and then direct all your energy towards doing it”
  • “with one eye fixed on the destination, there is only one left to guide you along the journey”


….from a “should” to a “must”….

This will be my first full year with a blog. It started as an “excuse” and a motivation for writing. It has been (and is) an activity filled with surprising ingredients. The world of blogging is huge and full of people with interesting, challenging, surprising posts, Imse vimse bortapictures, themes. I´m being linked round the world giving me opportunity to meet with interesting personalities with masses of experience and knowledge. I’m reading and learning what other bloggers suggests for having a successful blogg – I write regularly, I read and follow other bloggers, I write about subjects in wich I have strong interest, I comment, I like etc. etc.

One blogg (among others) that I have followed  from the start is “the minimalists”. Their post “CREATE YOUR MASTERPIECE, A 16-STEP GUIDE” has influenced me a lot and stands as a navigator and energizer for me. Even though I had an intuitive idea that it was as “simple” as that the post has helped me to lift these 16 steps up from the dusty floor to the height of my eyes and on top priority in my mind.

What have I done so far? Well, I have begun exercising (swimming) again, I have increased my yogasessions with onehoundred percent, I have begun my “writing a novel” project, I am taking one day of from work for writing and doing “my” things, I’m fighting procrastination on a daily basis, I have resumed an “old” writingproject from last year with a friend so there´s a number of things going on and I am satisfied with my achievements so far.
Input is important. Very. Working on the “old” project with my friend gives that. Watching and listening to writers, authors, poets, and 
reading of course. Today I read much more then ever, books in bed, in the couch, sitting in the chair, listening to and reading books on my phone. The world of the word is amazing. You can do so much with them. And nowadays it´s possible to read and write everywhere and everytime. If I have a short coffeebreak by myself I write. I only wish I could read faster (I´m working on this too). There are SO many books I wanna read.

I have entered a new path. I have walked a short distance and I like it. I like the views. I like the co-walkers I meet. I say hello to them and ask for the way. How far is it? What equipment do I need? Where can I rest? Where can I find inspiration and input?

Do you want to walk with me? Then please tell me what you want to talk about and we´ll walk together.


What is my motivation for this? For writing? For blogging? For taking one day of sitting down, spenthe wellding my time by the computer, pressing down the keys. Motivation? Well. Lately I have had a dip and it is natural. The dip came and I was prepared for it. It´s built into the lifecycle of the process. First the positive feeling of doing something new and important. After that the time when I use this first energy as a engine. It becomes a habit – an enjoyable habit. I watch the stat’s and in the beginning it’s inspiring, also new  contacts is refreshing and inspiring. And then the decline. The dip. The drive declines. The power of procrastination gets stronger. The untiring work of the inner censor achieves the intended effect. But anyway – here I am – asking myself – what is my motivation? First of all the pure pleasure of writing. I know what happens when I write. Positive experiences. I remember times when I have had the flow and my mind swirls and spins round the words. It happens that I am satified and that is such a glorious feeling where I wanna be more. Second: it’s a world where I am in command. It all depends on me. Memories, fantasies, facts. It all comes from my mind and it’s a construction from my memories, fantasy and fact.  Third: Solitude. Fourth: The dream tha one day I will get published – selfpublished or else. Fifth: The dream to write sunset fisterrasomething outstanding. To find a great expression. A combo of words never seen before. Sixth: I hope to surprise myself when I write. Seventh: I have made an obligation, to myself. To fulfill that promise is crucial. I know that in the phase I’m in now all I need to do is sit down and write, write, write and the motivation will come.  The inspiration will come. The words will drop like water from a well. What’s your strongest motivation?

Why and for who?

I ask myself. I don´t write long posts and I am a little minimalistic as a person. When I took a course in musiccomposition my teacher asked me why I always wrote short pieces. All my exercises at the course ended up in short extracts of music. That was me at the time. I don´t take much space so to say. I am small. Silent. I have never had big things (like cars, houses, animals etc). I am lightweighted ( I was always the lightest in my class growing up) – so I have my story of smallness. But I demand a lot – of myself. I ask a lot of myself. Always to be better than I am at the specific moment. Dissatisfied with what I do, what I have done and what I will do. But I have learnt to accept it and be friends with that. More and more the older I become. So why write a Blog? Who do I think I am? Who will be interrested? Do I have anything to say? Is my life and my words from my mind and life interresting for anyone else? Well the answer is here – in me writing this blog. Why? Well I wanna write – really – and having a blog is a good reason for writing. A blog with nothing in it is quite dull – and I’m not dull. I can be quite fun at times (and not only when I’m drunk). Why? Teach me to take space and not censor my self is another reason. I read other blogs (what a wonderful world this is, thanks to the God of Blog) – and get inspired by what I read. I practice in spreading my words over a wide area of digital space and somewhere in that worddjungle someone somewhere may find something of interrest. The more I write the more likely it is that somthing in the text is interresting, challenging, threatening and many more -ning words to someone somewhere. In writing this text I was inspired by a blog I read just five minutes before I started writing. A blog with many word, sometimes to many in my taste, so I jumped over pieces of text to come forward. Thats a way of reading that I dont use much – but should/must. For who? I have no idea? I suppose other bloggers who are interrested in the written word could have a slight interrest in how I use the written word? The blogs I follow / read are about writing, text, sharing experiances. The blogworld is heavensent for me. I have been looking for a writingpurpose and here it is. And I am in great company – my blogcollegues. Thanks for your time, your interrest, your knowledge, you companionship, your followship. Thanks for beeing here and thanks for beeing. STOP