12juli Caminon

Dear reader. I must tell you where I am at this moment – writingwise that is. This year has been a big year, for me, in this aspect.

Up until six years ago I was synonymous with playing and teaching the guitar. From my seventeenth year until then, the guitar and playing/making music was what I did, most of the time. Teaching, playing, practicing… but, things change and so did I.
I finished my teaching career and began walking a new path. I didn´t know then that writing was to be a major interrest for me, but slowly it has become clear that´s the fact.

Writing is my new passion. I have been writing earlier in my life but most often as a reaction to something happening in my life. Today I write and express myself all the time.

This Blog is one of the tools for that. For december I made my self the promise to write a post everyday. I have not succeeded all the way but I´m satisfied anyway.

Writingcourses is a second way. This weekend a Uni course is halfway through. We performed spoken poetry for eachother. Magic. I say, it´s magic to hear all the different poetry from my friends and to be able (and brave) to share my own poetry with them. The dialogueexercise was a surprisingly interresting practise resulting in many personal reflections from our separate lives.

Scripts for the scen and film is a third way of expression. Today, me and a friend, a scriptwriter, is working hard finishing a filmscript that we aim to be pitching during next year. Cooperating with director and productioncompanies is a new and challanging project. It´s great fun developing the story that began in 2006 in Romania, still alive and kickin´.

A book is growing in my head, an idea is developing slowly. I hope to be able to collect my old material and organize it as a book. It´s like a big challange and a little scary at the same time, and very rewarding and developing.

It´s fine to experience that I am still expansive and curious after all these years and I think
it´s due to the fact that I don´t stop myself from doing the things that come to my mind. I get a lot of ideas and inspiration from reading books and blogs, Learning new stuff. Experiencing others views from, of, in, with life all over the planet.

So. Next year might be a year with stuff to produce and to create films, books, blogposts, novels, spoken poetry, staging… sharing… showing…

I can´t wait! Come new year! Come 2014! Show me what you got for me!


…mending my garden brings Joy and happiness!

When I decided to take one day of from work and start writing and taking steps forward in my ambitions for a life in minimalistic direction I was not aware at all what it would implicate. 
During my walks on the Camino in spain one strong thread in my thoughts and revelations was the importance to cherish my inner life, my spiritual life and to do and act what I consider as important – to myself. The importance of beeing proud of who I am, what I do and what I have done. I found how important it is to let only “good” things into my life and try to keep the negative things out (how hard that can be!) I saw myself as a garden that needs to be taken care of in all aspects. It also needs time when nothing grows just waiting for spring and summer. A balance between sun and rain, wind and still. I slowly find myself beeing better at this and I find that I become stronger each and every day, and happiness and joy enters life as I strengthen my-self.   Image

“My garden”

I have a place in my garden 
I love to show
With roses and flowers, herbs and a fountain
I nurture  I weed out  new plants and water
This is the place I love to show

I have a place in my garden 
I rarely visit 
with weed and it’s dry
and a well filled with concrete
This is a place I do not seek

I have a place in my garden
I don’t let anyone in
a secret entrance and a secret place
it’s beautiful and serene 
I keep it my private scene

There is a hidden place in my garden
I haven’t been and I avoid
that’s where the snake and the beast stay
with an entrance garded by dragons
This is the hidden place in my garden

I keep the weed out
Keep planting new plants
Cutting the trees
I water the plants
I clean the fountain
and harvest the spices
I don’t let the crap in
It’s my dearest gift to myself and the world

This is how I try to see it. As a place I must keep clean, as a place I and only I will take care of, as a place where I only let others in if they understand my rules, as a place that is mine and if I don’t care fore it the weed in the form of crap culture, crap thoughts, crap ideas will take over my garden and ruin it. If I let go of this personal responsibility the garden will start living it’s own life and I will become the second most importand person in my life – and I will not let that happen. I have become very aware of the significance of my-self in what’s happening in my life here and now and forward.

I have become more and more convinced of the importance of doing the things that bring positive waves into my garden with a balance of sun and rain, cold and hot, night and day, fast and slow, high and low.

Three months out of five have passed. I will continue what I have begun: my blog, my writingprojects and bringing new plants (new ideas) into the garden.