the Dragonfly


Did you know that when dragonflies make love they create a heart. That I find very beautiful and magical. It must mean something I don´t know what.

I have a very special relationship to dragonflies. When I was a very young boy I visited my grandparents. Where they lived there was, very near, a dangerous place for children: a small creek. In the springtime it was not small for all the meltingwater and to make sure that grandmothers grandchildren didn´t go near the creek and the risk of falling down in the vater to drown she told us this story: “By the creek lives the dragonfly. If you come near them thay can, they WILL sew up your eyes and ears!”
Do you that we ever went down to the creek? Nono. I didn´t. I grow a fear for dragonflies. I got a phobia of dragonflies that is still, after more then fifty years, alive and active. I have tried to cure it. Once walking in the swedish mountains (fjällen) me and my wife was sitting in the heat of the sun on a hill when, suddenly, a dragonfly, decides to sit on my toe om+n my knee-boot. I decide to sit and wait for it to leave. I think this is my chance for cure. But. My heartfrequency begins to speed. My body begins to sweat. I am in total despair and I run away over the hill, away from the dangerous DRAGONFLY.
Today I find them beeing very beautiful creatures in many many different formations, colors and places but I cannot be close to them. True but sad. Although I have one as a tatto on my shoulder as a sign for me to overcome my fears. I think it´s a great place to have it since I can not see it except in a mirror but I know all the time that it is there.



I am moving

Dear readers, followers and likers of   trynomore

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrom now on I have moved this blog to

At this new adress you may continue reading about my posts on meditation, yoga, reading, walking and writing. Poems, quotes, music and minimalism.

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Mountains to climb


I know now that I have a Mountain to climb. It’s a very big, steep and high Mountain. Presently Im at the very start of this camino. It’s not Camino Frances, It’s not Camino Norte. It’s camino Cuerpo y Alma. Where Im now I walk along calm streams where I can dip my feet. In Woods of eacalyptus trees. Branches from unknown bushes swipe my face now and then. It’s Most uphill, not to steep yet, and flatland where I can see far along the path and a few downhill parts. Not always the easy parts as here I can stumble and fall. I will stumble and fall. I will need company. I will need to talk. I will need compassion. I will need water and rest. I can imagine whats on the other side, pass the top. At the end of this part of the camino. A serene place, camino, where I can rest. Where I can lay me down and rest. Lay me down in the fields of gold watching the sky, following the clouds as they move and change. I will have very steep parts. I will be in doubt if I will make it. Then I’ll sitt down. Reflecting. Watching the view, enjoying the wonderful landscape. Thinking over whats important. Carpe Diem my friends. Tomorrow may never come. Today is only today. Be greatful for every breath you take. Be greatful for opening your eyes beeing able to see. Be greatful for this day.

This Blog 2014!?


It´s become 2014. The year 2014. 60 years ago, in december, a babychild is born (me). Last year I became grandfather to a boy – Melvin – – and the blog had been running for a year (in september). The first post that I wrote visiting a healthcenter – Österåsen sanatorium – over a weekend. My wife was attending a weekendpaintingcourse and I was having two days relax.

This year feels like a year of big happenings.

  • My 60th birthday in december. Today I have no idea on how to celebrate this occasion – if I will and if how, I have no idea.
  • My Caminowalk. I hope and will strive for that during the summer 2014. Most propably along the Camino Norte that I bagan last year going from Irun to Bilbao. I will follow, day by day, My Camino de Santiago, Nev walking from Prague to Santiago, beginning on christmas day 2013.
  • My health. In late december I was on a routinecheckup for my heart. Three years ago my doctor heard a heart murmur. We have been following this for three years every six months and it has accelarated. We are discussing an operation this year. If this becomes a reality you will surely hear from me here.
  • Yoga and meditation. Is connected to my health. My aim for this year is to do more of this. The 19th of january I will visit Stockholm for a chakrayoga day. My vife and I will keep on going to the mondayevening meditations. I will keep reading/following Amanda Green Yoga, The approximate yogi.
  • Minimalism. I will continue clearing clutter, reding blogs, books and  papers.
  • My Blog. Until now I have been using the free wordpress blog tool. In february I aim to migrate it to here. This will give me more facilities, tools and posibilities to adapt the blog the way I want and be able to connect even more.
    I have a new domain – – with this service provider (
    I send my gratitide to my daughter for help in this matter.
    So. For you following me and everyone else reading “trynomore”, keep on following/reading and you´ll know when to change. 

Welcome to my 2014!


Enjoying Christmas day!


Listening to JS Bach Cello suites played by Franz Helmersson. Reading Chinua AchebeThings Fall Apart” and a book about our swedish Saint Birgitta. Laying on the sofa watching the short day light pass. Recieving a message that Nosa Señora da Barca church in Muxía is burning. Sad, since I have been there, I have visited the church on one of my caminowalks. It’s so beautiful, by the sea, the Atlantic ocean.
Christmas day is a minimalist day. When I was a child this day was a day of peace, no visiting friends, no loud music, just playing with the christmas gifts. It was a very looong day. Boring? Yes! Today I enjoy the slow tempo. The reading. The writing. No pressure.


French Pyrenees Mountains : A lovely trip along the Cirque de Gavarnie. – 20 photos.

This place is made for walking. Some day…8-) I love this region. I had the great joy of X-ing the pyrenees in 2009 from SJPP.


At an altitude of 1,600 meters this natural “cirque” is an amphitheater-like valley head.

It is around fifty kilometers from the town of Lourdes., the holy city on the foothill of the Pyrenees

Nestled in the emblematic landscape of the High Pyrenees, the cirque de Gavarnie is a favorite among walkers, and was a hotspot for the great figures of romanticism, such as Victor Hugo.

The “Colosseum of nature”, as Victor Hugo called the Cirque, has a “wall” which towers at 3248m and this magical place also boasts the largest waterfall in Europe.

01-walking france pyrenees

02-hiking mountains france pyrenees

04- taillerie des pyrenees gavarnie

03-hiking trip french mountains gavarnie

Ici & Là Nature : Explore France off the beaten path.


05-hiking france mountains pyrenees

06-french pyrenees mountains

07-walking pyrenees french mountains landscape

Ici & Là Nature : Explore France off the beaten path.

08-hiking france mountains pyrenees

09-mountains france forest

Ici & Là Nature : Explore France off the beaten path.


11-hiking mountain france pyrenees gavarnie

12-hiking cirque de gavarnie

13-climbing french mountains pyrenees

14-hiking trail mountains france

15- hiking holidays france mountains


16- pyrenees cirque de gavarnie france

17-hiking pyrenees gavarnie france

18-france mountains pyrenees

19-hotel du cirque gavarnie

Ici & Là Nature : Explore France off the beaten path.

20-hiking pyrenees cirque de gavarnie

Next Post on Gavarnie : the Waterfall.

21-hiking waterfall gavarnie


Ici & Là Nature : Walking and Cycling tours in France, Spain, Italy.


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11 Things that made me go “Wow!” on the Camino de Santiago

A reminder of the great life on Camino de Santiago.

El Camino de Santiago de Compostela

11 things that made me go “Wow!” on the Camino Francés-French Way:

1. Fellow pilgrims.
Without a doubt the main attraction for me on the Camino were my fellow pilgrims and I was so lucky to meet simply incredible human beings who showed me that there is hope for humanity if only we could all meet on the Camino and share our human ability for understanding, compassion, encouragement, and mutual respect. I met pilgrims from all age groups, different countries, and from different backgrounds. On the Camino I only found wonderful people who were open to listen and open to being listened to.

2. Physical fitness.
Towards the end of my Camino I often ran for short periods because I had so much adrenalin pumping through my system and I felt SO fit and healthy. In the mornings I always woke up with tired feet and legs, but after 5…

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