Sten-Ove´s 60th birthday challange

I will soon turn 60 (17/12) and I know of no better way to celebrate this than by helping to make our world a better place for everyone
Two years ago, I challenged my family, friends, colleagues and others in a similar way and then managed to collect more than 300 USD
Now my aim is higher and need your help to collect 2000 USD and thus help to improve the water supply globally
You will also contribute to making my 60th anniversary valuable for more and it would make me happy
Visit the following URL´s. You can take part in the Charity: water and my challenge –
Videolinks –
Welcome to support my call/Sten

Waiting. Still waiting.

A couple of weeks ago I recieved a message from my doctor. A message telling me that my heart, propably, will need to be repaired. One of the Cardiac valves does not close properly.  Now I’ve been waiting and waiting for the next step. To hear something, anything from the hospital but It’s been all silence. It’s not the silence worrying my, It’s whats happening inside me that worries me. Anxiety. Thoughts. Questions. Should I call? Wait? How bad is it? What I notice, already, is a small change of mind. More of Carpe Diem! Catch the Day. That’s good
🙂 I think. So. Maybe all is for good. A chance for change. /Sten-Ove

An act of love!

I have been very clear to my wife that I wish to buy my clothes myself. Among our friends it’s very common that “she” looks for and buys what he’s wearing. I have been clear that I want to do this shopping myself. She has often had views regarding my choices and I ask for respect for my choices wich she respects. Today M came home with a cardigan. At first I thought “no, please no” but giving it a second thought I thought that it was an act of love. She was in the shoppingmall when she sees this cardigan and she thinks of me and that it would suit me fine. She thinks of me! :-). That makes me think it’s an act of love. One way of showing love. What do you think?