Sten-Ove´s 60th birthday challange

I will soon turn 60 (17/12) and I know of no better way to celebrate this than by helping to make our world a better place for everyone
Two years ago, I challenged my family, friends, colleagues and others in a similar way and then managed to collect more than 300 USD
Now my aim is higher and need your help to collect 2000 USD and thus help to improve the water supply globally
You will also contribute to making my 60th anniversary valuable for more and it would make me happy
Visit the following URL´s. You can take part in the Charity: water and my challenge –
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Welcome to support my call/Sten

I am moving

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Enjoying Christmas day!


Listening to JS Bach Cello suites played by Franz Helmersson. Reading Chinua AchebeThings Fall Apart” and a book about our swedish Saint Birgitta. Laying on the sofa watching the short day light pass. Recieving a message that Nosa Señora da Barca church in Muxía is burning. Sad, since I have been there, I have visited the church on one of my caminowalks. It’s so beautiful, by the sea, the Atlantic ocean.
Christmas day is a minimalist day. When I was a child this day was a day of peace, no visiting friends, no loud music, just playing with the christmas gifts. It was a very looong day. Boring? Yes! Today I enjoy the slow tempo. The reading. The writing. No pressure.


Is it OK to daydream?

wpid-20130728_094056.jpgHe who robs us of our dreams robs us of our life.”
― Virginia WoolfOrlando

Nowdays I very often read and hear wise men tell us of the importance of beeing here and now.
Of Mindfulness.  I agree. It is so important and it is a state we must learn to be in while communicating and listening. While creating and taking active part in art. To avoid the mind of beeing somewhere else while baking, cooking, loving, taking care of the children, cleaning your car etc etc
But what about Daydreaming. (Daydreaming is a short-term detachment from one’s immediate surroundings, during which a person’s contact with reality is blurred and partially substituted by a visionary fantasy, especially one of happy, pleasant thoughts, hopes or ambitions, imagined as coming to pass, and experienced while awake.)
To me daydreaming is very important as a way to use my fantasy to envision a future that might be. To play with the future in the mind is a foundation for us to build a better world. And that is far from beeing here and now. Don´t you think. The actual activity of daydreaming is now, in this very moment, but what we dream of, is always, in the future. And there is a balance to seek for. Daydreaming can be an escape. An escape from a world that we fear, from a world of danger, from a world of tragedy. At times in life we need to escape as the world around us ican be very hard to cope with. It is when we spend to much time in the dreamworld it can become a problem.
The art of Mindfulness is practised and trained in meditation and yoga. My view is that I allow myself to be more daydreaming if I also have the balance of mindfulness in my life. Daydreaming can be a very effective way of finding answers to many questions, opening your mind to posibilities I don´t find when I am very strict and realistic. So. Keep on dreaming here and now!


Crazy month!

It’s here again, december. The crazy month when it comes to shopping. It is a wonderful month with all the candlelight, the baking, togetherness, families comming together, the snow bringing light to the dark mornings and evenings, skiing and skating. I could continue counting blessful activities that we can do, and do, during this first winter month, if it wasnt for the crazy shopping behaviour we tend to keep up and accelerate for every year. If we just stop for a slight moment and reflect over the necessity of buying just “that” item I am sure we would buy less, be more happy, have more time for doing things with eachother than running like crazy in the shops. If I go to myself, when I get all this advertising for produkts I “can’t” be without, I often, first, become interrested, reflects over buying, but then, thinking it over if I will be happier and more content in my life, I find the answer to be “NO”. It has a very short effect and that is what the industri knows: we don’t take time to reflect and we buy as a reaction to a spontaneous and shortlived need. It is also, I think, an action that relates to our bad conscience for all that we don’t do for our follow humans, familie, friends, collegues etc. We try to fill the holes in our souls, holes that become greater and greater the more we run around like rats in a runningwheel. Stop running, sit down. Breathe and think over what’s important. /sten

Enjoying freetime

Im laying on the sofa. It’s free this evening :-). Just enjoying moments of nothing to do. Sting comes to me from the speaker. I should be writing an ugly, awful text for Uni, but, it can wait. I feel so good here on the Sofa. It’s dark outside. I read my sons Blog,
He has a newly born babychild, just three weeks old. So cute and longed for! 
The work days are filled from bottom to top with exciting, fresh, challenging, healthy, interresting things to do. It’s a treat to be able just to relax at home, doing nothing, thinking about nothing and I don’t feel bad doing nothing. Nothing does me well. Well, nothing does me. Me does nothing well. Does nothing do me well?  Yes I think so. Im sure it does me well. I can feel it now. My mind becomes free and I can scrible these words on my small cellphone Keyboard.  They come as they are and I don’t judge whats comming as I also try not to judge anything that comes my way. People. Words. Thoughts. Judgments from outside/inside. This us what is happening in this moment with me on this wonderful sofa. By for now. /sten

The simple life on the camino


Six times in spain walking. Six times and something like 45-50 days. Thousand steps. Hundreds of liters with water down the throat and meeting people from all over the world sharing lifestories, sharing problems and joys, asking for help, beeing helped, prayer and tears, happiness and sadness and more. Still it´s an easy life. Not many possessions to carry around in the backpack just the necessary: underwear, Bildsocks, toiletries, a hat, sunglases, waterbottle, guidebook, towel, long- and short-trousers, sleeping sheet, poncho, moneybelt, a fleece, that´s about it. Seven kilo. I have my mobile with me and it is closed over the day, only open in the evening when I can read or send a message to home. It is a wonderful life, in the nature, walking. The tempo is the best for really appreciating it, the nature. Four to five km an hour and still it´s time to stop for a swim, put the feet in a cold stream, stop to look for a flower, talk with a pony or a donkey, stop at a café for a café con leche and a bocadillo or tortilla espanola, something to eat.
When arriving at the days stop/albergue or pension or where I will sleep, could be a cloister, could be a chapell, could be a church, it could even be in the portico.Bild

The routine is to wash, clothes and body and care for the feet. Then a nice siesta before we eat our dinner. This dinner could be from the hosts. Like on 25 th july, St. Jakobs day, we were served a mixed dinner in the basement of the albergue. We were something like thirty/forty pilgrims, we´ve never met before, having a great time together up until ten, when the lights go of and silence is decreed. Or at another time we shop together and cook in the kitchen and serve ourselves good food. The comming morning up at five thirty/six o’clock. Grab a bit and off we go again. A new day has come, maybe we meet the sunrise and the little chilly morning is slowly changing into a hot day with the sun shining on our skin forcing the sweat out from our bodies into the eyes, salty water, hard. Going uphill and downhill over and over again. Climbing picas to se the marvelous landscape and the basque country, navarre, galicia, asturias. It is an easy life that helpes comming close to my self and others. The openness and trust is so relaxant for the soul and the mind it opens up spaces in the inner that is hidden in the everyday life where we always have distractions stopping us from digging deeper and deeper into our selves. It is a spiritual and a physical journey and the two can not be without the other. They are one, dependent of the other, no one more or less important tha the other. They nourish eachother. They help one another to grow. I love this life, and for every year I become better and better at bringing the experiences into my life back home. Now that I know I can have a good life with less, I find it easier to withstand the allurements from the comsumtion industry. I know what I need and it´s less than I thought many years ago.