Piotr and Vanja




I am now writing the book of Piotr and Vanja. Two guys living in the Ukraine, they meet, they fall in love, they become a couple. They experiance love, the normal day experiances together, war, hate, abuse, violance, unacceptence from the society surrounding them and strong resistance. But they also meet the wonders of life.

In my writing I wish to examine the price you /they have to pay for living a life that they want from their hearts. If you have titles I can read on this subject please let me know. Titles that can inspire and lead me in a direction. I want to create a fictionstory (and not a documentary) based upon realityexperiances.
I am now in a time with research that I hope will give me material to give the story credibility based on true stories. I am searching and connecting. Looking and finding. Creating and doubts. Changing and undoing. You writers know what I´m talking about.


Sten-Ove´s 60th birthday challange

I will soon turn 60 (17/12) and I know of no better way to celebrate this than by helping to make our world a better place for everyone
Two years ago, I challenged my family, friends, colleagues and others in a similar way and then managed to collect more than 300 USD
Now my aim is higher and need your help to collect 2000 USD and thus help to improve the water supply globally
You will also contribute to making my 60th anniversary valuable for more and it would make me happy
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Welcome to support my call/Sten