12juli Caminon

Dear reader. I must tell you where I am at this moment – writingwise that is. This year has been a big year, for me, in this aspect.

Up until six years ago I was synonymous with playing and teaching the guitar. From my seventeenth year until then, the guitar and playing/making music was what I did, most of the time. Teaching, playing, practicing… but, things change and so did I.
I finished my teaching career and began walking a new path. I didn´t know then that writing was to be a major interrest for me, but slowly it has become clear that´s the fact.

Writing is my new passion. I have been writing earlier in my life but most often as a reaction to something happening in my life. Today I write and express myself all the time.

This Blog is one of the tools for that. For december I made my self the promise to write a post everyday. I have not succeeded all the way but I´m satisfied anyway.

Writingcourses is a second way. This weekend a Uni course is halfway through. We performed spoken poetry for eachother. Magic. I say, it´s magic to hear all the different poetry from my friends and to be able (and brave) to share my own poetry with them. The dialogueexercise was a surprisingly interresting practise resulting in many personal reflections from our separate lives.

Scripts for the scen and film is a third way of expression. Today, me and a friend, a scriptwriter, is working hard finishing a filmscript that we aim to be pitching during next year. Cooperating with director and productioncompanies is a new and challanging project. It´s great fun developing the story that began in 2006 in Romania, still alive and kickin´.

A book is growing in my head, an idea is developing slowly. I hope to be able to collect my old material and organize it as a book. It´s like a big challange and a little scary at the same time, and very rewarding and developing.

It´s fine to experience that I am still expansive and curious after all these years and I think
it´s due to the fact that I don´t stop myself from doing the things that come to my mind. I get a lot of ideas and inspiration from reading books and blogs, Learning new stuff. Experiencing others views from, of, in, with life all over the planet.

So. Next year might be a year with stuff to produce and to create films, books, blogposts, novels, spoken poetry, staging… sharing… showing…

I can´t wait! Come new year! Come 2014! Show me what you got for me!


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