Post 100


Dear reader, follower, liker, fellow bloger. When I started this blog a little more than a year ago, I had the ambition to write one hundred posts in one year. I didn’t reach that but it was not important. To have the goal was important but when I understod that I wasn’t gonna reach it I was not overwhelmed by the fact. Now that I am writing it, no 100, I do feel a little proud  for keeping it up. I am extremely happy for likes, comments, followers etc. from all over the planet. You do not represent a huge amount of people but I am happy and honored for those of you finding my writing interresting. I am also happy for finding the blogs I have decided to follow, to read, commenting and liking. I have found a great new big world giving me a lot of inspiration, ideas and support. But,  I also had performance anxiety for what to write in my no 100. What was I to write about? A poem? A story? A reflection? A reblog? Or. Maybe I will tell you what it has meant to me. It has meant that  I decided to apply and be accepted for the writingcourse I am involved in over this year on university level.  It has meant that I have been on two weekend courses in writing. It has meant that I have found a substitute for music since I stopped teaching and playing the guitar six years ago. I haven’t touched it. It has meant that I have found new friends due to the new arena I’m in and due to the time-space that has opened up. As a conclusion: changing path and direction in life has given me new energy, nurtured my curiosity and a new mening in life. /Sten


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