Crazy month!

It’s here again, december. The crazy month when it comes to shopping. It is a wonderful month with all the candlelight, the baking, togetherness, families comming together, the snow bringing light to the dark mornings and evenings, skiing and skating. I could continue counting blessful activities that we can do, and do, during this first winter month, if it wasnt for the crazy shopping behaviour we tend to keep up and accelerate for every year. If we just stop for a slight moment and reflect over the necessity of buying just “that” item I am sure we would buy less, be more happy, have more time for doing things with eachother than running like crazy in the shops. If I go to myself, when I get all this advertising for produkts I “can’t” be without, I often, first, become interrested, reflects over buying, but then, thinking it over if I will be happier and more content in my life, I find the answer to be “NO”. It has a very short effect and that is what the industri knows: we don’t take time to reflect and we buy as a reaction to a spontaneous and shortlived need. It is also, I think, an action that relates to our bad conscience for all that we don’t do for our follow humans, familie, friends, collegues etc. We try to fill the holes in our souls, holes that become greater and greater the more we run around like rats in a runningwheel. Stop running, sit down. Breathe and think over what’s important. /sten

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