11 Things that made me go “Wow!” on the Camino de Santiago

A reminder of the great life on Camino de Santiago.

El Camino de Santiago de Compostela

11 things that made me go “Wow!” on the Camino Francés-French Way:

1. Fellow pilgrims.
Without a doubt the main attraction for me on the Camino were my fellow pilgrims and I was so lucky to meet simply incredible human beings who showed me that there is hope for humanity if only we could all meet on the Camino and share our human ability for understanding, compassion, encouragement, and mutual respect. I met pilgrims from all age groups, different countries, and from different backgrounds. On the Camino I only found wonderful people who were open to listen and open to being listened to.

2. Physical fitness.
Towards the end of my Camino I often ran for short periods because I had so much adrenalin pumping through my system and I felt SO fit and healthy. In the mornings I always woke up with tired feet and legs, but after 5…

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