Yoga Fragrance Sensation

This morning yogasession offered me great pleasure for my body, soul and senses. Seventy five minutes of hatha yoga. To begin, breathepractises followed by diagonal balance and stretching in turn followed by six sungreetings in individual pace. Specific balance asanas: the eagle followed by the tree. Next stretching the arms trying to make the hands meet behind the back. Hard and stengods! This is when it happened! I started to have a very intens fragrance sensation! I was experiancing a very strong sensation in my nose and the olfactory system. According to my teacher these things happen during yoga, when you’re in balance the senses open up and you become aware of, in this case, fragrance. I recall, from the beginning of my life with yoga, some five six years ago, I could sense my body odor. Not always a pleasant experiance then. The sensation from this morning was very positive. Normaly, I don’t have a well functioning nose, but this morning was an exception. So. Yoga us doing me good. Thanks for finding and continuing with yoga practice. Growing and rewarding. /sten

Laughing at myself!

I wish I could, but I can’t see the fun. I wish I could see my actions with a humerous eye, but I can’t. Ar least, I don’t think I can. Listen! On a weekend writingcourse, our teacher asked us what we, specifically, wanted to develop. My answer was: “I want to be able to write in a humerous way. To make people smile, even to laugh, as a reaktion to my words.”
My coursefriends raises their eyes in surprise, “you do that already, haven’t you noticed?”, and I hadn’t notised! They surprised me! I don’t consider myself as a funny person. I have never seen myself as a funny person, and I still don’t, but I think I need to change that.  Looking back, I see that my words  have elicited laughter and smile,  but I haven’t noticed!  I didn’t notice! How come?
So. Now I have learnt, that I can make other smile, and even laugh with my writing. Now I want to learn to watch myself from outside, from another wiev, and write what I see in a humerous way. Look at my self with a humerous eye. With a smile. With a laugh, and then I want to be able to describe what I see with a humerous writing technique. To make others smile or even laugh. That is a dream. My question to you: How!  I need you help.  /sten