Writing in solitude

This coming weekend I have decided to spend three days in solitude in an apartment borrowed from a friend. It´s part of my writingcourse at Uni. Deadline on friday and from then reading the texts from my fellow students will be my main goal.

During this stay I will also go for walks in the nearby naturepark, go running and making good meals. I will be very disciplined and start and stop writing at a set time.

Watching OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATV is forbidden. Sharing time with anyone else then my self also prohibited.

My only friend will be my computer, my bed will be my rescue and the outside will be an energycatcher.

Good luck to me. 🙂

Enjoying freetime

Im laying on the sofa. It’s free this evening :-). Just enjoying moments of nothing to do. Sting comes to me from the speaker. I should be writing an ugly, awful text for Uni, but, it can wait. I feel so good here on the Sofa. It’s dark outside. I read my sons Blog http://melvinochpappan.wordpress.com/2013/10/24/sen-repetition/,
He has a newly born babychild, just three weeks old. So cute and longed for! 
The work days are filled from bottom to top with exciting, fresh, challenging, healthy, interresting things to do. It’s a treat to be able just to relax at home, doing nothing, thinking about nothing and I don’t feel bad doing nothing. Nothing does me well. Well, nothing does me. Me does nothing well. Does nothing do me well?  Yes I think so. Im sure it does me well. I can feel it now. My mind becomes free and I can scrible these words on my small cellphone Keyboard.  They come as they are and I don’t judge whats comming as I also try not to judge anything that comes my way. People. Words. Thoughts. Judgments from outside/inside. This us what is happening in this moment with me on this wonderful sofa. By for now. /sten

36 years later…..

Konserthuset Stockholm

Stockholm © Sten-Ove Sundlöf

Believe it or not, but, these things happen. It happend to me.  I will take it from the start.

In the seventies I was, and still am, a great admirer of fusionmusic, jazzrock, (Weather Report, RTF, Mahawishnu Orch …). Great musicians and composers. Interresting and never ending improvisations, intriguing music. Among these musicians the guitarist John McLaughlin broke new ground and made som very special records an concerts. One of these concerts, in 1977, has a special place  in my heart. The acoustic group Shakti played at Konserthuset, Stockholm, sweden. Me and my frinds crowded us in a car and travelled the 550 km to Stockholm and witnessed this remarkable band. We had our seats on the second row, me with my camera ready to get some amazing pictures of our heroes.

Several years later a friend asked me if I had the pictures from this concert. A friend of his, also a McLaughlin nerd, had a site devotetd to this guitarhero and he wanted photos. I found them,  scanned them and sent  a number of pictures to the other side of the planet.

This summer, in june, I get this e-mail. It came from a french journalist. He said, he was writing an article about Shakti. It is now forty years since they started and they are celebrating it with an article in Guitarist Acoustic, a french quarterly magazine. They asked if it was possible to use my pictures from 1977 in the aniversary article.
At first I thought, “this must be a joke”, (like the nigerian letters.)
But, some mails later I was confident, it was not a joke.

During a couple of summerweeks I found and sent my pictures to a professional scanning service. I sent the CD to my contact, and now, in october 15, Guitarist Acoustic nr 42 will be available. With my pictures from 1977!

I find this a very positive story, so, I want to share it with you, reading my blog.
These things happen, it happened to me. Amazing! Like a lightning from the clear sky.
I am greatfull, filled with joy and happines over this great surprise coming to me. Thank you for giving it to me! Who ever you are.