Beginning Christian Meditation

Autumn is here.
With new possibilities and intentions.
New and old routines.
As an old routine now we have the habit of going to the local church to a groupmeditation. Close to the church is a small building, Love’s chapel, this is where we have been going now these last three years for mondayeveningmeditation.
Arriving in the chapel the priest has prepared with meditation pallets and pads. Blankets to put over the shoulders.

First we sit down five minuteDSC_0474s with relaxing music, Pärts “Spiegel im spiegel” and a like, soaking in the stillness of the room. Then we sit down on the pallet or pad in meditation position. With our hands together in a Mudra. First my I´m remanded of my body in different ways. Today my leg muscles began protesting with cramps, but after a few minutes it gave away. If I have problem focusing I begin conscious breathing, thaat helpes coming over the first focusproblems.
In front of us an Ikon with Jesus. Sitting down for thirty minutes gives a lot. Time to slow down. Time to let go. Time for thoughts to come and go like leaves in a stream. Like clouds in the sky. Like smoke from the fire. Time to think “who was this man? This mysterious man who, they say, died for us. A peaceful man who gathered his disciples around him and teached. How to live. How to be. How to respond. How to share. How to love. I would like to know more and at this moment I am reading a book from Deepak Chopra, “The third Jesus”, giving a fresh perspective on what Jesus can teach us all. When thirty minutes has passed we silently leave the room and start talking again. Filled and relaxed.


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