A Turning point

Writing! Six years ago I finished a long period of my workinglife beeing teacher. I also finished a thirtyfive year long comitment to practising, playing and teaching the Guitar. Acoustic, classical, folk, Electric, pop, rock.  I was finished! The end! Fine! Fin! It all had been a great deal of my professional life as well as my private life. Many positive moments with the pupils , collegues, friends. But,  there is a new chapter waiting to be written. Actually two parallell chapters. Writing and spiritual awakening (yoga/meditation/walking/retreats). Writing has always been a part of my life,  so far,  a small part. It’s growing.  One year writing posts for this Blog. A number of years writing on a script for the stage and/or film together with a friend. And now,  the next step.  This weekend I will begin a university level writing course that will continue over a year. Writing diff styles, giving and taking feedback, reading the other students texts. Other students will read my texts.  It will be a big challange.  A bit scary. A lot of learning. A lot of fun. Time at home, with my computer, writing and writing.  Reading and reading. Writing and reading. Reading and writing. A new chapter. Great fun.  I am a lucky one.

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