A cityretreat

BildThis passed weekend I was in the capital on a cityretreat, in silence.

Meditation, yoga, breathing, chakra.
Since five years back, I have been practising yoga and meditation. Ashtanga and Hatha. At this moment I do Hatha-yoga wich I find beeing a silent and calm yoga variant.
At the cityretreat I learnt a series of positions good for balancing the seven chakras in my body: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.
What I found all the most wonderful was gong-meditation. The leadar played on two big gongs whilewe were meditating. The sound of the gongs, very harmonic and kind to the ears, filled the whole room, every inch,  my body was totaly filled with the sound and my brain to. It was my best meditation experiance ever, until we did the singing meditation. With background music we sang  together and a bright, glorious feeling of happiness came to me. The feeling of togetherness was total and I was ready to….

If you ever have the chance I must recommend this.



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