Yeah! Yes! Great!

Why these superlatives you may wonder.Bild

For many years I have been working as teacher in music with guitar as my specialty. Over the years I have developed new skills, added new fresh competencies in creative areas in theatre, music and drama. It´s a great job. Meeting young people, helping them to find their expression in the arts, is rewarding and sometimes I can miss it. But I have done that. Been there – done that.
So I changed.  Six years ago I finished my teaching career to be one of two leaders for the artsschool where I have been working as teacher. For me, a big step and a big important  one. Since then I haven´t touched my guitar. I have tried but stopped as I don´t find the pleasure. 
After that I have been looking for new challenges within the arts, beeing creative is important for me, but what shall I do?
As I finished music I got a whole lottof time to do something else and this opening inside me has welcomed WRITING. THE WORDS. LE MOTS. Slowly, this new interrest, begins to occupy me. Occupy my time and space. 
So. When I get this wonderful message – “You are accepted” – from the nearby university I understand that this comming year will be a year of writing for me. I have been accepted to attend a one year course in creative writing on university level. Good for me! 
I need the change and when I open up myself to change, addresses my compass to change, my whole beeing goes in that direction and it works. It works so well. All I need to do is to open up, adress the direction, be open to what comes, accept what comes, follow the stream, avoid swimming against the stream, go with and I will come to a wonderful place. I am sure of this.
The reason for the beginning superlatives: I am happy for where I´m going. I look forward to the future. I don´t know what´s in there but I´m sure it´s something nice there.
There is more than I can imagine. What I imagine is just a small portion of the whole. 
If you wish to follow me in this please do. I will tell you more as I keep swimming. Bild


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