Still in Spain


I’m now in Bilbao where I have stopped this years walking. It’s been a great, wonderful, beautiful time with the spanish nature,  culture and meeting with people from all over the world.  I just wish that I,  one year,  will be able to stay longer in this country and on the camino.   One month is a dream. Now I have sadness, since I have stopped and my new friends from the camino continue to Santander, Gijon, Oviedo and Santiago de Compostela. I miss them. But that’s the way it is.  When walking, talking, eating, drinking, sleeping, waking, watching, experiancing and sharing together it tightens us, we become a “family”.  We enjoy when we see each other in the morning, along the path,  in the city,  in the restaurant, cafe, in the nature.  When we walk together, when we catch up or are beeing cought up by someone it is a joy,  and we great each other with a smile and “Buen Camino”. The locals are extremely helpful to us camineiros.  When where lost and can’t find our way through or out of a city or village there is always help.  They are so helpful and observant, it brings me in a  happy mood and all the  physical and mental hardship is overcome. These last seven years I have been on the camino six times now and it makes me an experianced camineiro, beeing able to give advice and support from my experiance bank.  But, I have still much to learn. I get advice,  recommendations, both personal and practice. The personal,  private advice I put in my personal development box.  These are the most valueble treasures from all my walking in spain.  First on the Camino Frances and this year on Camino Norte. I am so happy to have found this retreat and I’m thankful to everyone assisting me in making it possible. First and all to my wonderful and beloved wife who opens the door and supports me.  Second to family and friends for their interrest and,  often, challenging questions.  And,  last,  but not least,  all the other walkers, and local confraternities keeping the camino in such a good shape with directions and albergues.  Thank you all.  Love you all. /sten-ove

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