Going to spain – again.

Today I leave sweden for spain.  I will  walk for a week from Irun to  Bilbao along the Camino Norte.  In the heat on the countryside beside the Atlantic ocean.
It’s the sixth year since 2007 that I’m in spain walking. I had a break last year.  2007 –  2011 I walked the french way,  camino de Santiago,  the way of st. James,  there’s many names for it. Two years ago (2011) me and my vife walked along the costa brava wich was very  nice. That year I also walked a  small portion of La Francigena in italy with my friends Manfredo and Martin. But this year its Camino Norte. I really look forward to this.  The nature. The food.  People,  and the walking. The walking us so good for thinking, reflecting. Six hours a day.  Starting early with the sunrise.  Arriving in small villages for a cafe’ con leche y una bocadillo.  Jummy.  Usually my feet and the rest of the body handles the walk well and I hope the same this year.  In any case I will take good care of them.
Looking back like this I realize that its been a lot of focus on walking  these last seven years.  I did make a challenging promise when I got fifty.  I promise myself a change and to add things into my life.  To do things I hadnt done before.  Like beeing part of a theatregroup, like walking, like writing.  What has it given to me? New friends,  new experiances, new views, brodered my self image, given me a greater understanding of my capabilities,  a wonderful and positive learning that life doesnt end at fifty.  No way.  It begins every day.  Every morning.  Every second minute hour. I have learnt that if and when I challenge my fears I grow and life opens up in its glory.  I have learnt that when I listen to much for the dontdothat’ers my life becomes boring and negative and I do not live at its full potential. Now I have ten days with myself and the spanish landscape an culture.  I wish myself good luck and enjoy. 

The words, le mots!

It´s wonderful, all the bloggers, tweaters and FB friends/like´s sharing quotes, links, books, words, definitions.

Today I stumbled over this qoute, reading the blogs I follow

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I´m possible”!

Thanks to http://otrazhenie.wordpress.com/ … 

Words open new possibilities
defining life
the world
the reality,…
love them
love makes it possible
to write,
I´m possible!