Suddenly – the black

In a song
it came
it came back to me                       Bild
been gone
giving the rest I needed
welcome dear friend
where have you been
so long gone
I´ve managed well
still I have missed
you, dear friend
the wet on my shoulder
on my skin
times passed
long ago
almost gone
but not
but not
welcome to my house
door is open
wide open
a short
short moment
of time
I sense the presence
over my shoulder

the wet
comes over me
I had imagined
it was gone
it was
back again
a short moment
of time


How hard is it not to live a simple life with less distracting inputs from all around. These days it is a very hard task to be successful in the strive for a life with less of stress and less beeing involved in routines you really is not interrested in. People talking to you but never listen. Ads pushing you to buy, buy, buy. Sound/noice is everywhere and never endingBild

Read blogs, tweets, sites focused on simplicity and how to live the simple life free from distracting things and routines. They are such a great help to get focused on what to do. Read them as a help to be reminded of that easy life. They give hardfact hints what to do. Bulletlists with ideas how to use the phone, computer, to close down, to read e-mail at precise hours etc. Courtney Carver, The minimalists, Silences, Leo Babauta give from their experiancebank. These inspirational humans help us avoiding falling down into the basement of routines. Think every day what is important, this minute, second, hour, day, week, month, year, what is important to me, as we are the only one involved in that task, we cannot rely on anyone else to grab us by the neck and lift us up, wake us up, light us up, tough us up, etc us up. Energy is what it takes and these guys amongst even others adress us the perspective necessary to have a topview of our existence. They show other ways of living, making choices, slowing down, inspire and be inpiring.
Energy have a way of just slipping away when the days work has passed, coming home to the empty house emptied from todays work there are important things lifting us up: music, a walk, reading the above, cooking, watching the birds fly, listening to the trees grow, writing a poem,,,
Now in summer the garden is a great energykicker, the forests too, the trees, the rivers,
…and hope, wishes for the future, dreams, what would we do if we could not dream, imagine the future, remembering the pre-now,

…and of course, I almost forgot, the old saying, said averywhere nowdays, live in the now, catch the moment, enjoy the present, be here and now, watch and listen closely what you see and hear, let it fall into our inside, listen to your inside, accept what you hear, accept what you feel, encourage, build and let your sense of feeling grow, listen to your soul and body, as they are interconnected as a whole in you/me. Listen and follow without any fears and without intentions,  try just to be.