The practise

Monday morning. A quite normal monday morning. Nothing planned. Nothing happened. Just a normal, human monday. A full week ahead followed by a weekend. Again. The bell tolls. Eyes open. Stretching. One foot after the other on to the floor. Clear the back. Look out the window. It is raining, again. On and on, it´s raining, it´s raining.
“I must practice today. I must do my practice. First a short walk in the rain, a shower and then, pack my things for the trip”

Yesterdays cycling was hard, biking round the three lakes. One stop for mending a the wellleaking tire. Drinking and eating on the go on the bike was a new experiance.
Todays plan is for the mountains, three days of walking uphill, downhill, staying in the open air, making fire, eating, sleeping. In the night listening to and trying to exclude the violent, harsh sounds of the night. Trying to keep dry in the pouring rain under a tree or a bush. Waking up when it´s still dark and cold. I’ll light a fire to get some warmth and for the cofee. Three days!
“I will make it. I have made it and I will make it again. And again.”

Last year was a year of mistakes. On a boat over the big sea. It sunk. Canoe on a river. I lost all the junk in the water and was left on the brink with no water, food och extraclothes for almost one week. Starving and freezing.

The year before I was visiting cathedrals, chapels, churches, monasteries. Trying to understand the underlaying motivations for building these – especially the cathedrals – building these creations. These buildings. These building devoted to God and belief. Many died. Many will die.

The year before that was visiting old cities, Cities planned by men, built by men, for men.

“This year will be most walking, cycling, swimming, climbing, running. I will be trying hard to find great spots for the different activities, spots that will challange me and put me on tough tests. Every day must be hard and on the limit. In the doing of these crafts I will investigate the mother-natures powers and overcome them. I will overcome them and when I´m back to my little cell I´ll write down all my experiances in a little white book with an eagle on the bookcover. The first line will read as follows:”….

This is where YOU come in.
Help me with the first line. I will take one or more of the lines and build my short story of adventure. 

Thank you for your help!


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