How to write an obituary


I have written my first obituary. I’m in that age when people my age that I have worked with, been friends with, known, draws their last breath and leaves us. I have written my personal reflections for the drawer and now I have written a public obituary for the local newspaper. How did I do it? (for my personal memory and anyone else that might be interested in the process). First I made my own reflection. Sentences, words, expressions, views, thoughts about the man. I put them down on paper th see them and seeing what I had written down faced me more ideas and a story began to evolve in my mind. This story, a skeleton, was the first version. Second I asked people that I knew had a close connection with him to do the same. To give me sentences, words, expressions, views, thoughts about the man. With this new material in hand I added to my first writing and expanded the story. I read and re-read over and over. Finally I sent the draft to people I trusted would give me relevant feedback, wich I got fast. The feedback was positive and filled with ideas that I implemented in the text. Now I was finished and sent the text to the newspaper. The article was inserted the next day and was
well received. I’ve  has many positive remarks. So. Now I know I can write an obituary. 🙂 /sten

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