Writing and laughing

Last weekend I attended a writingcourse. The first one. Lots of practise and wonderful listening to friends reading their works. And laughing. I haven´t laughed that much lately but this weekend was great. The courseleader was great, she managed to build a very comforting and safe space for us and she was uplifting. I was a writer for three days. Writing springpoems. Writing texts with words beginning with the same letter – brings many many laughs I must say!  Three minutes writing on “Just now…”. A picture of a boy. Give him a name and a story. 5 minutes! We had time in between to talk about our writing. Going into detalis. Stopping the motion and describing the small things. Describing the room, the face, the hand etc. Write a memory from the past. Writing the emotion a painting gives looking at.  

In the brakes we were served delicious vegetarian food, walks in the woods along the old paths.
Sorry to say the weekend was over to quickly and back home I was back to the normal writing in solitude. But, I was filled with new experiances, energy and ideas.



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