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Yesterday I listened to an interview with Alain Mabanckou, he said: “I think that sometimes you can talk about politics though the eyes of the kids, of the children. It´s said in the Bible that the truth comes from the kids, not from the adult, because we are corrupted, we did everything, war, starvation, jealousy, fighting here and there. But the kid can like give the real definition of life. And then, I thought, inside me , that if I want to explain the world I would like go back to the time when I was a kid.” on his book “Tomorrow I will be twenty”. A real inspiration and an example of what I need in my back as energy. Inspirational people talking and writing of important issues and how they think in their process of writing. In this post I want to share what I have found important to me to be able to write and express myself through the words. First I need solitude. I often begin my day with a walk when I let my mind spin off without any borders or restrictions. I try not to judge or censor what comes up. Next I need a place, with a nice view, comfortable, and with as little of disturbing things as possible. I need time. This goes unsaid but I need to say anyway it because it is one of my big shortcommings, at least it used to be. Now I have an agreement with myself o sit down and write from ten to three. That gives me five hours when I also have a small lunch and small brakes here and there. I do not answer the phone and never look in my mail box unless I know I will have a mail from some of my writing friends with whom I am involved in a writing project.

Then it´s time to write and I am happy to see that now – after more than three months – I have collected lots of written material and I am confident that I will be able to build something out of this. How and in what way it will be will show on the way. As I learnt on my caminowalks – the road becomes as you walk – I can not foresee everything, I can not have solutions to things/problems I haven´t a clue will come -. but I know they will come and I have a positive attitude that I will find what I need dureing the walk.

Now I will try find one of Alain´s books and learn from him. The comming weekend I will go for a threeday writing course in a wonderful spot not far from my home.

Take care and I will soon be back

Please feel free to share some of your experiences from writing. What´s helping you? What´s inspiring you?


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