Writing and laughing

Last weekend I attended a writingcourse. The first one. Lots of practise and wonderful listening to friends reading their works. And laughing. I haven´t laughed that much lately but this weekend was great. The courseleader was great, she managed to build a very comforting and safe space for us and she was uplifting. I was a writer for three days. Writing springpoems. Writing texts with words beginning with the same letter – brings many many laughs I must say!  Three minutes writing on “Just now…”. A picture of a boy. Give him a name and a story. 5 minutes! We had time in between to talk about our writing. Going into detalis. Stopping the motion and describing the small things. Describing the room, the face, the hand etc. Write a memory from the past. Writing the emotion a painting gives looking at.  

In the brakes we were served delicious vegetarian food, walks in the woods along the old paths.
Sorry to say the weekend was over to quickly and back home I was back to the normal writing in solitude. But, I was filled with new experiances, energy and ideas.




Why do most people choose to read the same popular books, films, TV serials?
I have a theory (after reading Konsekvenser (Impacts) by Björn Runge.

Is it because most people don’t want to be regarded as less knowing? The importance of recognition is very important to most people.

What do you think? Is there another answer. Another theory?



© Claude Truong Ngoc / Wikimedia Commonsage

© Claude TRUONG-NGOC/Creative Commons !

Yesterday I listened to an interview with Alain Mabanckou, he said: “I think that sometimes you can talk about politics though the eyes of the kids, of the children. It´s said in the Bible that the truth comes from the kids, not from the adult, because we are corrupted, we did everything, war, starvation, jealousy, fighting here and there. But the kid can like give the real definition of life. And then, I thought, inside me , that if I want to explain the world I would like go back to the time when I was a kid.” on his book “Tomorrow I will be twenty”. A real inspiration and an example of what I need in my back as energy. Inspirational people talking and writing of important issues and how they think in their process of writing. In this post I want to share what I have found important to me to be able to write and express myself through the words. First I need solitude. I often begin my day with a walk when I let my mind spin off without any borders or restrictions. I try not to judge or censor what comes up. Next I need a place, with a nice view, comfortable, and with as little of disturbing things as possible. I need time. This goes unsaid but I need to say anyway it because it is one of my big shortcommings, at least it used to be. Now I have an agreement with myself o sit down and write from ten to three. That gives me five hours when I also have a small lunch and small brakes here and there. I do not answer the phone and never look in my mail box unless I know I will have a mail from some of my writing friends with whom I am involved in a writing project.

Then it´s time to write and I am happy to see that now – after more than three months – I have collected lots of written material and I am confident that I will be able to build something out of this. How and in what way it will be will show on the way. As I learnt on my caminowalks – the road becomes as you walk – I can not foresee everything, I can not have solutions to things/problems I haven´t a clue will come -. but I know they will come and I have a positive attitude that I will find what I need dureing the walk.

Now I will try find one of Alain´s books and learn from him. The comming weekend I will go for a threeday writing course in a wonderful spot not far from my home.

Take care and I will soon be back

Please feel free to share some of your experiences from writing. What´s helping you? What´s inspiring you?


My yoga mat

At todays morningyoga my teacher said this – “Never let anyone step on your yoga mat”.

In the yogacontext it means that I have my space that is mine and only mine. I shall not let anyone intrude and no one must intrude on that space.

In the context of my life I find it easy to see the similarity – I have my space and it is my responsibility to keep it mine and never ever let anyone intrude on my space and my integrity. It is also important for people ´round me to share the same approach. Not to intrude on other peoples space/integrity.

Thank´s to yoga to let me find connections to my life outside the yogacontext


Meeting the Camino…..

Meditative, monotonous, long views, lonely, reflective, memories rise to the surface. Tears. He walked on the Meseta in spain. Slow. Weat. Warm, hot and the feet gets 12juli Caminonswollen. Yellow arrows. He missed one and had to go back again (lesson!) Watch for the signs. Small, calm villages with a fountain for drinking water. Sit down, café, bocadillo con keso. A chapel and a choir. The hills and a narrow path. The hat is a must the stick is not. Balance in every aspect. He’s feet begins to protest. How far must we walk today? He takes a rest underneath a tree. Lying in the grass. Up again. Stops by a river, dips his feet in the cold water. Refreshing. Small fishes. On and on. Not there yet. The goal is not far. He can see the village now. Accelerates. Every step hurts. He’s looking in the distance – longing for the rest, longing for the rest. When arriving in the albergo in the afternoon he cares for the blisters. Cleaning  clothes and mind. Getting ready for tomorrow and the next days. Later dinner with fellow pilgrims. Talking, sharing, listening, supporting, watching and writing the diary. Early night – tomorrow is another day. A happy man is in port. 

An act of love!

I have been very clear to my wife that I wish to buy my clothes myself. Among our friends it’s very common that “she” looks for and buys what he’s wearing. I have been clear that I want to do this shopping myself. She has often had views regarding my choices and I ask for respect for my choices wich she respects. Today M came home with a cardigan. At first I thought “no, please no” but giving it a second thought I thought that it was an act of love. She was in the shoppingmall when she sees this cardigan and she thinks of me and that it would suit me fine. She thinks of me! :-). That makes me think it’s an act of love. One way of showing love. What do you think?