What is my motivation for this? For writing? For blogging? For taking one day of sitting down, spenthe wellding my time by the computer, pressing down the keys. Motivation? Well. Lately I have had a dip and it is natural. The dip came and I was prepared for it. It´s built into the lifecycle of the process. First the positive feeling of doing something new and important. After that the time when I use this first energy as a engine. It becomes a habit – an enjoyable habit. I watch the stat’s and in the beginning it’s inspiring, also new  contacts is refreshing and inspiring. And then the decline. The dip. The drive declines. The power of procrastination gets stronger. The untiring work of the inner censor achieves the intended effect. But anyway – here I am – asking myself – what is my motivation? First of all the pure pleasure of writing. I know what happens when I write. Positive experiences. I remember times when I have had the flow and my mind swirls and spins round the words. It happens that I am satified and that is such a glorious feeling where I wanna be more. Second: it’s a world where I am in command. It all depends on me. Memories, fantasies, facts. It all comes from my mind and it’s a construction from my memories, fantasy and fact.  Third: Solitude. Fourth: The dream tha one day I will get published – selfpublished or else. Fifth: The dream to write sunset fisterrasomething outstanding. To find a great expression. A combo of words never seen before. Sixth: I hope to surprise myself when I write. Seventh: I have made an obligation, to myself. To fulfill that promise is crucial. I know that in the phase I’m in now all I need to do is sit down and write, write, write and the motivation will come.  The inspiration will come. The words will drop like water from a well. What’s your strongest motivation?

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