Writing the book

DSC_0472Today is the second monday that I’m free spending my day writing. My goal is to write ten stories from my memories of Camino de Santiago from 2007 and four  years on. I have the pictures and the diary to help me. My memory fills in the rest. I have decided not to stop myself but to write everything that comes to my mind (normal). I must not be my own censor now. Later I will do all the adjustments, deletions, additions, restructuring. It’s nice to have this goal. It’s nessecary. Essential. To me. I start the day with a long walk. That´s when my brain starts working. Ideas come and go. I begin writing at ten. Break for lunch. Stop writing at five pm. I need this structure otherwise I will begin to procrastinate. I also need to have a tidy desk. At this moment I’m not satisfied with the writingenvironment. But I am new in this and I know that I slowly will organize it. I don’t want to be disturbed so I have killed my phone and my internet (except when I need help with facts, synonyms etc). Inspiration comes when I write. It’s like unraveling a skein. First I don’t know where to begin. I’m searching for the beginning. When I finally find it it often goes well for a while but then it stops again (a yarn not).  I force myself to take breaks doing things like coffee and a bisquit, looking out the window, food for the cat, listening to sounds from outside, take a walk. My brain wants change, variety and surprises. And I have this wonderful goal – publishing. Why is this important? Why can’t I just write for my self? For my own pleasure? Well it is my own pleasure too – of course. To have this goal gives writing a nerve. A motivation to do it well and good. I don’t know how I will do this or if it will be possible but I have begun to travel and I don’t know where the journey will end or wich road I will go. Terrifying and exciting.

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