I’m a fisherman

What if there’s no fish in the in the sea? What if I never will capture anything during fishing? What if I will return with nothing in my basket? I have a sense of something underneath the surface – something worthwhile. Something that might give value to me – and others. I throw the fishing line. I see the bait drop into the water and the ripples flow moving out across the bay. What’s underneath? What’s hidden in the dark, cold and wet environment? What happens if I get brave leaving the beachfrontfishing and go out to the deep waters. Into the black unknown. Where the understreams are dangerous, carrying unknown, strange species. What if I my catch will be big and rewarding, will I be brave to land it and bring to my fellows? Will I be brave, sharing it to the world? Questions questions will be answered when I enter the ship and travel into the unknown.

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