…running for the bus….

… is the parable I find beeing closest to describing what I have been doing this last year or so – workwise – running for the bus – beeing delayed – beeing late – seeing the bus leaving the stop – without me!  I run run try to grab the hold. It´s not that I got up late. It´s not that I took a detour on my way to the bus stop. It´s not that I took one of my slowwalks. No no. It´s not that the bus is early or out of schedule. It´s not that the bus leaves to early.
It´s just the way it has been. When missing the bus becomes the theme things happen ’round me – like stacks of work starts building on my desk and in my head. Physical and mental symtoms says “hello hello – how are you?” and I begin to ask myself  “Who am I?” Is this me? Is this what I want? Is this what I have been waIting for? Dreaming of? Longing for? No no. My friend Me begs and tells me – harshly – change! Stop running for the bus! …and I stop… wait for the next tour…and the next…don’t rely on the schedule…I begin making my own schedule…a new tour…I will get there anyway

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