Guest blog

During four years (so far) of walking in spain (Camino de Santiago) I have had wonderful encounters with people of all nationalities, sex, age, experiance etc. Some of them have stayed with me as friends over the years and yet some rreally close friends. One of those close friends is Martin from england. I asked him if he would write a short text about his momentum for walking 900 km over thirty days in spain. Here’s what I recieved from Martin.


Hi my name is Martin. Some years ago I read a book by the author Paulo Coelho. The book tells of one mans mystical pilgrimage from St Jean pied de port in France to Santiago de Compostela in North West Spain. The story resonated with me so much I vowed one day to make this journey.

Some fifteen years after reading this book, time which I had spent researching the pilgrimage I finally decided to jump in and walk the Camino Frances which is one of a few pilgrimage routes to Santiago de compostela where it is said the remains of St James the apostle are buried.

I had pledged at that time in my life that if I decided to do something I would follow that decision to the end no matter what resistance my mind may try to subconsciously create with negative thoughts. I was going to do it. Every time a negative thought appeared in my head I would replace it with one more positive. No matter who told me I was crazy to take on this trip I would tell myself that it was an opportunity of a lifetime. I made this pilgrimage as a tribute to my late father.

The strongest motivation I had to do this trip apart from being a tribute to my late father was to prove to myself that I could indeed follow a plan to the end no matter what. So many times before in my life I had let go of my dreams and this was going to be the beginning of living my dreams. A very powerful process was to take place during this walk. As day after day of my pilgrimage I overcome deep seated fears that had held me back for many years. I walked in physical pain for most of the trip but not for one moment did I ever think of giving up. This is what is called a self fulfilling prophecy. Each time we decide to go in a certain direction in life, if we give it everything we have something wonderful seems to happen. I believe that God or the universe comes on
board to assist us over the final stretch. So my message to you is (never give up) most people fall at the final hurdle when they should have pushed further. The journey was magical and my life has improved because of it. Along the way I had time to go through a totally positive thought process and met some incredible people.

I thank you for reading my short story. Please never give up on your dreams!

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