….on shopping and things…

Today I was teased by an announcement on my smart phone. A new technicality promising to bring heaven to earth. I will not tell you what it was as it might tease you and I don’t want to participate in that game. I was really teased and I was just a touch from sending an order to the company on the other side of the blue planet.

When I begin reflecting over why and what happens when I get absorbed in sales patter and actually buying  I realize that my genuine interrest for my context and my relations disappear.

Why I want it? For the fun of it. The thing awakens my curiosity. I want it!. I want to be number one.(why is that important?) I want/need confirmation (in this moment I have an extra need for that as work is hard and I feel challenged, insecure where I have my partners). It gets obvious to me that shopping brings the focus from the important stuff in life – the deep – towards the surface. I’m looking for something to talk about, to be able to brag among friends ( its important to be number one!?).

The time accessible for my self to communicate becomes occupied communicating surface instead of the deep essentials –  of giving appreciation and praise.

Is it possible that our focus on things more and more makes us look on our entourage the same way – as replaceable, repairable, possible to be bought and sold on a market, gives importance to have a cool design/surface , to be described and rejected or accepted. 
If that is the case of nature it is devastating.

One thought on “….on shopping and things…

  1. Överkonsumtion av prylar går ju att kosta på sej om man har nog med pengar till det, annars hamnar man lätt i en skuldfälla och DET blir ju ett problem i sej.
    Fördelen med att inte ha pengar är ju att man inte har råd att kosta på dej dessa prylar, eller så kan man köpa dem billigt på blocket,eller hitta dem i grovsoprummet när användaren har tröttnat o köpt sej årets modell.Vet att det är så i te.x Japan,återvinningsstationerna är fyllda av fjolårets modeller, helt sjukt men en födel för den som inte hade råd med fjolårets modell.

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