Getting rid of books and….

Today I continue my travel towards a minimalistic lifestyle. The bookmountain beside my bed is gone and many books in the bookshelf to. It is relatively easy to say goodbye to books. Books that I have read years ago have left some kind of mark on me but I will not read them again. Giftbooks though – I decide to keep them – they are reminders and I can’t leave them (now).
After the books I continue to copies and stuff from courses I’ve done. I empty the binders filled with paper and slides – into the bin. From my career as musicteacher I have loads of copies of notes – In the bin. Some of the musicbooks will be nice gifts to my collegues. I feel lighter and lighter for every step I take. I become more and more skilled in letting things go. I am certain that all the stuff I have round me saddens me and holds me back. The more stuff I leave the quicker I go.

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