Is it possible to live a minimalistic life and work in a place with stress and pressure?

I work a lot,  especially this last year but even the last three four years it´s been a lot.To much! From different reasons. Normally I can be very intense –  very intense, involved and creative with ideas and activities running in my head. After these periods of high activity I enter into a zombie like state. High peaks and deep lows..   At work I have the ambition to clear the work area from clutter and paper and post-it notes…………but I realize I have a long path to walk. I will make it. I have made it. I walked the camino in spain over a few years! It’s hard to see me as a minimalist when I am busy in my life. That is maybe the reason why I want to develop a minimalistic lifestyle. Why I fell enchanted by this lifestyle. Why I will walk the talk. That is the reason!  It’s difficult though. Our home is relaxed. It´s like coming back to the village after a ride in the woods fighting the enemy or hunting.  I lite a fire. Read. Listen to music. Take a walk. Run. I wrote a tweet  – “I’m in a tsunami! The wave is haunting me and threatens to drown me. I need air!”. Then I go to my running shoes and clothes and walked/run for 45 minutes. I was lifted from my low state of mind and saw the world with more positive eyes. Thanks to this essay from the minimalists How To Make a Damn Decision  I found the clue. To walk the talk. It’s all about the small fraction of a second that it takes to overcome the threshold, the barrier, the hinder. Going from a should to a must. Once I have overcome this resistance the rest is easy. Really easy. And I have changed. Just a little – but I have changed. Well done. Keep it up. /Sten

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