Minimalism and Meditation

I meditate. Every weekday morning I sit down before breakfast and on monday evenings we go to the local church for a groupmeditation. 30 minutes. I am – still after two years – a novice. Learning. When I meditate I dive into the deep blue sea called Myself where I find the most amazing and wonderful treasures – these treasures give me peace of mind, time, energy and strength
I have been reflecting  – Minimalism and Meditation is a great combi.

I don’t need much to meditate  – basically only myself. My body and soul. Of course there are loads of stuff you can buy – a meditation mat, meditation cushion, CD’s, DVD’s, books, meditation clothes etc. To meditate I really don’t need anything of this – I’m fine with a cushion – that’s all. The aim when I meditate is to clear my mind, to let my thoughts come and go, to avoid things to getting stuck in my mind, in the end a total emptyness. Breathing. In and out. Through my nose. I can meditate everywhere. In my home. Outside. On a mountain. By the sea, a lake. When I’m travelling -. on the train, on a bus. When I explain what happens when I meditate I make a parable to water on a lake – when I begin it’s like troubled waters in my mind and as I sit – say 30 minutes – my mind comes to rest – as the water comes to rest on the lake in the evening when the eveningbreeze subsides. This rest follows me the whole day. On days that I haven’t started up with a meditationsession I am less focused, I have less energy, I am more annoyed and disbalanced. More tired at the end of day. Here is a blog I recently found that I will follow to help me on the way to a more minimalistic life.

Take care. Remember to breath and walk slow.





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