Things collide

I went to a seminar this day. The theme of the day was a new corprate idea – LEAN – and the main speaker before lunch had a bunch of pictures – one of them got me feeling really well – the Yoda from Star Wars says – “Try. There is no try. There is only do or not do”. Things collide. I met the Minimalists. Read their views. In one of their essays they write this: Your mission: try to pick up the chair. But this presents a unique problem, doesn’t it? You see, you can’t try to pick it up, either you pick it up or you don’t, you can or you can’t, you succeed or you fail, but you don’t try. It is impossible to try to pick up that chair. Stop trying; start doing.

This happens all the time. For everyone. But I don’t think we take it serious. When we begin to get interrested in a new aspect of life people and things seem to come to us. And we seem to be more open to seeing and beeing influenced – by peoiple and things. it Is is as we become magnets – we become magnets to our interrest. To our focus. If wee keep that focus and we feed it it will grow and grow. In all directions. Leading us into surprising roads. New heights and views. So. I say it again. Go for it. Go for it.

4 thoughts on “Things collide

  1. I read your blogs Stop trying and start doing. I can relate to the stop trying and it makes a lot of sense. The writing challenge I am doing is certainly the start doing and has shown positive progress and support of others as well as how I can encourage as well. My husband says that I didn’t know how to carry on after writing the stories many years ago and activities and now the challenge and blogging has put the wheels in motion. The movie Julie and Julia (Meryl Streep) was an inspiration in the beginning of this onward journey. Last year I wrote a book of poetry people can use in their cards, tributes etc. I guess Sweden would be getting quite cold. In Outback Queensland in Australia getting hot as we are in Spring and Dec summer. Madonna

  2. Thank you for your replies and your blogs that I read. My poetry book can be found on and it’s called Handy Verse for Occasions with a picture of a possum on the front. Click on bookstore and poetry section. In the 1990’s I visited Denmark and stayed with my penfriend and partner at that time and I understand that Sweden is close to Denmark. It was the Nov when I went and about 6 degrees celsius during the day. On that same trip I went to Iceland and it was snowing and about minus 2 degrees celsius. I kept rugged up and coped well. Last year my husband and I went to Ukraine in Oct and was getting cold in day about 10 degress celsius and varied somewhat.
    We live in Outback Queensland and in Spring and already getting quite warm most of the time with some days cooler and Dec summer out here inland (about 7hrs from Brisbane) late 30’s into the 40’s degrees celsius. We do not have the humidity here like on the coast so dry air easier with heat than on the coast higher humidity.. Other place down south cooler especially Tasmania.
    Regards Madonna

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