Beginning minimalist

BildI’m a beginning minimalist. I understand from reading Joshua and Ryan that I should get rid of my clutter. It’s everywhere. In drawers, in cupboards, in the basement, in shelfs, beside the bed, under the bed, over the bed – yes everywhere. Grabbin’ energy. Takin’ time from me. Makes it hard to find things. Yesterday evening I cleaned the pensil bowl – I had hundreds of them. Stored in a bowl. It has been difficult to grab and to find the right one. 30 minutes later one spot in the house was cluttercleaned. My wife was surprised and positive to the result. Now they are sorted and fewer. And it’s just the beginning. The same evening I opened the drawer with all these cords. I use some of them – sometimes – most of them never. “Could be handy same day”. They come with computers, phones, cameras, mp3-players etc. They have stayed in this drawer until last evening. I spent one hour and found other things that’s been hidden – old photos that brings back memories (but that’s not the place for our photos). Forgotten and stuffed under the cord clutter.

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