Hello world!

Post #1. Dear reader. Take a minute to read Home to get my answer to why?

This weekend I spend at Österåsen sanatorium – with my wife and a number of other people. I’m here because I wanted to attend a weekend writing course – a course that didn’t nearly start due to lackin of interest from other attendants. So now I have all the time I need to begin – stop trying begin doing/writing.
Everything is served: breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening meal, wonderful nature, people, staff, sauna, workout room, meditation room, pool 32°C, walking paths, massage, SPA and more. 

The minimalists – Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus – are a great inspiration. Reading their essays and books and reading the writings and writers they refer to kicks me hard. They show it’s possible to live different, to act different. All it takes is that you take yourself serious and being very cautious and accurate with your choices. I aim to make small changes everyday in a minimalistic direction. I want to get rid of distractions, energy consuming stuff and irrelevant input – all to enable me to do the things I like. Writing is one of those things I wish to do more of. Historically and to my experiance I have had a tendency of finding and realizing other activities first – check my private email, my job mail, my Facebook, cleaning, washing, TV, fold clothes, put clothes in the wardrobe, doing the dishes, reading the newspaper – you know – all these activities you can do instead of – for instance writing.
I will become a happier and more satisfied person if I go direct to the writing.

I stumbled on this blog – Silence

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